As a BIPOC, finding a therapist or any mental health resource can be daunting and frustrating. While people are different and have unique stories, working closely with a professional or resource that considers your race, background, culture, and ethnic group is very important. Your wellbeing is important, and there are resources out there that can help you find the right tools.

Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls is a powerful online community taking giant strides towards removing the stigma surrounding mental illness among Black women. The site has many accessible and relevant topics through the directory that helps Black women find the right therapists for in-person or virtual sessions.

Melanin and Mental Health

Melanin and Mental Health is a platform that is specifically designed to connect people with culturally savvy clinicians who are dedicated to serving the mental health needs of Black and brown communities. The site has a lot of resources that can guide users on how to connect with a therapist and resources to navigate mental health challenges.


BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health) is a site that has a vast array of therapists, psychologists, and legal professionals, to name a few. These professionals are dedicated to empowering the Black community to heal emotional and psychological trauma. This website is rich with resources that are useful, actionable, and effective. 

Inclusive Therapists

Inclusive Therapists is a platform that focuses on the needs of BIPOC and helps them find culturally competent mental health professionals that are focused on social justice and inclusivity.

Liberate Meditation

This meditation app features diverse conversations and meditations for BIPOC. It is the ultimate haven for the people in diverse communities to develop a daily habit of meditation.

Sad Girls Club

Despite its somber name, Sad Girls Club is a platform that creates a community for women who have battled some sort of mental health issues. The purpose of this community is to create a platform for people who are struggling to have access to mental health treatment and therapy, as well as a community of other women so that they don't feel alone.

Sista Afya:

Sista Afya was created to help Black women across the African Diaspora maintain and improve their mental wellness by giving them access to tools that can help them connect with, encourage and support one another. The platform offers Black women across the African Diaspora access to psychological tools as well as mental wellness care that focuses on the holistic health of the person.

Between Sessions

If you love a good podcast, then Between Sessions is a podcast that you need to get into. Listening in on the podcast will help you feel empowered and also will give you a feeling that you are in a therapy session. Although the platform is not a substitute for great therapy, it covers a lot of relatable topics that are often the cause of long-standing trauma. 

Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl is a haven for women of color to discuss all things related to wellness, self-care, and self-love. At Balanced Black Girl, the belief is that mental health is just as important as physical. By focusing on mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing, Balanced Black Girl highlights the importance of mental wellness.

Ourselves Black:

On this platform, there is a vast variety of mental health resources related to mental illness and treatment. We strive to provide you with relevant, current, and engaging mental health content and stories specifically routed in communities of color.

Black Mental Health Directory:

The Black Mental Health Directory is the ultimate Black mental health directory that has a variety of culturally savvy and trained mental health professionals who you can speak with.