Often we forget about the spaces that bring us the most light. In the case of your home, your windows are the greatest source of light. By adding a great window treatment such as a bright color or a vivid print, you will really draw attention to the source of brightness. It will also add an added element of wall decor of sorts. Your curtains can really transform your home into the space you've always wanted it to be. Here are a few options to really brighten up your space. 

  1. Urban Outfitters Tamara Curtain, $39

These semi-sheer curtains don’t so much to keep sunlight out, but instead make sure the light coming in is warm and cheerful. They're covered in a bright print and made of cotton (so they're easy to wash when it comes time to deep-clean).

  1. Wayfair Ankara Ikat Semi-Sheer Grommet Single Curtain Panel, $25

This refreshing print provides your room with a neutral base that you can really build a home around. Its soft look will liven up any space without overpowering the rest of your space.

  1. World Market Multicolor Ogee Concealed Tab Top Curtains, $43

These cotton curtains are printed with floral medallions that will go with any kind of room. The orange color will pair well with almost any color walls and furniture. 

Target Textured-Weave Curtain, $22.49

These are as simple as it gets — light, airy and without any kind of pattern or print. Thanks to the lightweight nature of these curtains, they’ll keep things bright without making anything too heavy or dull.

Wayfair Arrey Basketweave Geometric Semi-Sheer Grommet Curtain, $44

This crisp, clear print comes in a variety of vibrant colors that will filter sunlight in a way that keeps everything bright and light. The print will also bring some life to your otherwise dull room.

Anthropologie Kalei Curtain, $68

This floral print is on a cotton curtain that's machine-washable. This means that when it comes time to spring clean, these will be a fresh addition to your room that will brighten things up.

Urban Outfitters Pompom Curtain, $79

These woven cotton curtains are soft to the touch. They instantly soften up any space, whether acting on the windows or in the middle of a room.

World Market Modern Tribal Print Isla Grommet Top Curtains, $52.48

If you’re more likely to keep things simple but still want something to bring some life to your room, this easy tribal-inspired print will add texture and feeling to any space. 

Anthropologie Matte Velvet Curtain, $238

The velvet trend isn’t just for dresses and sneakers anymore. Upgrade your room to fit the latest styles. There are even 11 different colors for you to choose from.

Urban Outfitters Swiss Dot Curtain, $39

These semi-sheer curtains are dainty and light, making any room seem airy and large. The fun dot pattern adds a whimsical touch to any space.

Target Gray Chevron Curtain, $9.49

These curtains are a more simple pattern that can make a big impact. Thanks to their neutral coloring, they’ll go with any color wall and furniture to blend in with your space.

Overstock Ikat Blue Printed Cotton Curtain Panel, $41.49

These thick cotton curtains contain a bold pattern that will catch everyone’s eyes as they enter your space. Let the bold contrast speak for itself and brighten up your home.