Sometimes it’s hard to bring yourself to spruce up your home, especially when it involves using a bunch of chemicals to clean and refresh your space. That’s why essential oils are a great, natural thing to add to your cleaning routine. You can add a few drops to your existing natural cleaners or use them as a base to create cleaning agents of your own. You can also just spray a couple of drops in the air to improve your mood or get to sleep better at night. Whatever it is you’re doing around the house, there’s probably an essential oil that can help. Check out a bunch of ways to use these oils around your house below. 

1. Boost your mood with a few sprays of jasmine or your favorite scent

Photo: By SKsiddhartthan, Wikimedia Commons

2. Clean your home naturally by mixing in lemon or citrus oil to your natural cleaner

3. Purify the air after a heavy cooking session with a citrus-based oil

4. Freshen up shoes with a few drops of your favorite scent on a couple of cotton balls

5. Improve your sleep by diffusing some lavender oil in the bedroom at night

Photo: Wikimedia Commons 

6. Keep pests at bay with some peppermint oil

7. Shine your dishes by adding a couple drops of lemon oil

Photo: By André Karwath, Wikimedia Commons

8. Buff your favorite leather products with some lemon oil

9. Oils like cilantro, lemon and lime can boost your cooking

10. Disinfect your workout gear with some lavender oil

11. Soften your clothes with a few drops of melaleuca oil in your next load of laundry

Photo: By Photographs by Gnangarra, Wikimedia Commons

12. Make sure your pet is flea-free with a few drops of eucalyptus

13. Kill bacteria in the air with orange oil

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

How do you use essential oils around your house? Let us know!