One of the easiest ways to jazz up a simple outfit is to throw on killer accessories. For those of us with piercings in our ears, earrings are one of the best ways to show off your bold style. After all, what feels better than feeling those bangles or hoops swish and sway as you shake your head on the dance floor or tilt your head back to laugh with your friends. Make a statement with these bold earrings next time you head out on the town.

  1. Urban Outfitters Tortoise Statement Hoop Earring, $18

These funky earrings are a twist on a classic print. They’ll add a preppy vibe to your outfit without making you look old and stodgy.

Kenneth Jay Lane Hoop with Imitation Pearls Earrings, $15

Find these decked-out hoops in the store to add a beaded texture to an old classic. They’re so big that you’re sure to catch a few glimpses as you step out in these gems.

Madewell Beaded Tassel Earrings, $19

These earrings are perfect for dancing at night, as they’ll swish and swash with every movement of your hips and your head. 

Fit & Wit Three Color Statement Earrings, $10

These earrings aren’t just huge, they’re also colorful. This means that you’ll be making twice the statement for less of a cost. 

BP. Chain & Ball Drop Earrings, $12

A serious way to make a statement without taking up all the attention. Leave some room to impress with these simple yet accentuated earrings.

CARA Star Imitation Pearl Earrings, $22

There aren’t many studs that stand out like these. They are perfect for those who don’t want to deal with earrings getting caught in your hair while also wanting to bling up your ears.

Shashi Tildi Earrings, $18

The baubles on these earrings are like ornaments for your ears. They come in a series of bright colors that will be able to match with any outfit you try this week.

Jules Smith Mini Mesh Wave Earring, $18

Dainty earrings that also make a statement are hard to find. These have an elegant spiral shape that catch the eye without being too overwhelming or heavy on your ears. This makes it perfect for any kind of look you’re going for — whether that be a night out on the town or just your every day in the office. 

Deepa Gurnani Laine Earrings, $90

These brilliant crystals are placed within a loop that hangs from a sturdy post. They’re the truest form of bling for your buck on your ears.  

Bauble Bar Pina Studs, $28

If you’re already missing summer and just want to warm up your days with a reminder of sitting poolside and sipping pina coladas, then these are the earrings for you.

Topshop Tassel Drop Earrings, $28

You might want to stick to a simpler, more toned-down look if you’re wearing these earrings because they will really catch everyone’s attention. You could also just go all out and add as many patterns and colors as possible to make this a full-on look for all to admire. 

Urban Outfitters Half Moon Drop Statement Earring, $16

These earrings come in both gold and silver, so they serve as a bold minimalist statement to make your look as bold as you want. 

Gorjana Leucadia Tassel Earrings, $55

If you’re looking for some ornaments that add a fun, flapper flare to your face, look no further. They’ll frame any look and spice everything up with just one nod of the head.

Blossom Box Imitation Pearl Dangle Chandelier Earrings, $26

These earrings look just like the light fixtures you’ve always dreamed of installing in your future mansion. They’ll be sure to light up your look, at least!

Kendra Scott Elle Drop Earrings, $65

Grab some stone-based earrings that come in a variety of different stones to suit your favorite look. They are an earthy way to show off your profile and jazz up a boho vibe.