1. Looking for some subtle ways to accessorize? Small stud earrings are the perfect solution for adding a pop but still leaving room to be paired with other, bolder accessories.

  2. Dogeared Little Elephant Stud Earrings, $42

Part of the fun in having studs on is that even the most quirky of shapes often go unnoticed and only add a subtle touch. To anyone else, you might just have a pair of gold earrings on. Only upon closer inspection would you notice that you're actually wearing elephants!

Made by Malyia Divergent Ear Cuff, $75

Not exactly a stud, but also not so out there that you wouldn’t be able to wear these to the office. What’s great is that no piercing is required to rock this look! Buy from this awesome black-owned brand and spice up your ears a bit.

Madewell Star Earrings, $28

The great thing about these earrings is that they’re an appropriate way to celebrate any occasion. Got a promotion? Headed out to a party? Just loving yourself today? These stars will make you feel even more like a star than usual.

Dana Jewellery White and Rose Gold Studs, $24

This Etsy designer has managed to create a unique pair of rose gold-based earrings that serve as the perfect neutral base for any outfit. Mix and match your metals if you want — these earrings will fit your needs.

J. Crew Cluster Stone Earrings, $30

This pretty pair of earrings are large and shiny enough to show off and really brighten up any look. Thanks to their neutral metal and clear stone nature, they will fit with any outfit you’re rocking.

Peace Images Blade Runner Studs, $13

Peace Images is another black-owned brand you should definitely be checking out. These fun geometric studs are a simple swap for your boring old silver balls or pearls that you’ve been wearing since the 8th grade. These are made of solid brass and sit on surgical posts.

River Island Gold Tone Stud Earrings, $12

I love the simple geometric pattern that will rest on your ears as an interesting but not distracting accessory. They’re definitely a conversation-starter while not being terribly overwhelming for your look.

Blue Nile Love Knot Earrings, $21

There’s something about the traditional nature of these earrings that really stands out to me. I love that these look like they could be antiques inherited from your grandmother or great-aunt. It adds a nice classic look that will still help you shine.

Urban Outfitters Blair Heart Post Earring Set, $20

If you want a set of earrings that you can mix and match no matter how many piercings you have, this is the perfect pair. Share your love for the world and the people around you with these on your ears.

A Holey Moley Lyfe Greyed Jade Earrings, $10

For a more natural pop of color, these earrings are perfect for their subtle shade of blue. They're not only hand-painted on wood, but they’re also created by an awesome black-owned designer who has a great selection of Etsy items.

Peace Images Mudflap Girls, $62

Celebrate the iconic image of the mudflap girls with this afro-rocking woman on your ears. They’re a subtle statement that will shine on your earlobes.

Anthropologie Scalloped Climber Earrings, $38

I love the dainty nature of these studs that run the length of your earlobe like a winding piece of ivy. If you want a more non-traditional looking stud, these are a perfect boho fit. 

LOFT Pearlized Stud Earrings, $24

For an upgrade of those pearl stud earrings you got for your college graduation that doesn’t break the bank, these shiny studs will glow on your ears.They’re like a hybrid combo that will add a twist on the old classic.

Peace Images Frond Studs, $68

A pair of nature-inspired earrings on your ears will bring you back to Earth and ground your look. These are made of solid brass and will complement almost any look you're going for.

LilyEmme Jewelry 14K Gold Concave Jewelry, $99

These minimalist studs from this awesome black-owned brand is a subtle way to adorn your ear with a modern look. The 14K gold that these are made of will be perfect for those who suffer from any allergies that prevent them from wearing standard earrings.