Tracee Ellis Ross is so much more than just Rainbow on Black-ish or any other role she played (even though so many of them have been inspirational and relatable for so many women). She's also hardworking, determined and absolutely hilarious. This can be seen all over her social media, whether she's rapping as T-Murda, joking around with her costars or teaching us the ways of her in-flight skincare routine, she's keeping us laughing along the way.

These qualities are more than evident in her many fitness adventures she shares with us on Instagram. So next time you feel like skipping the gym, you don't think you're going to make it through a session or you're just looking for a laugh before you hit the weights, remember that Tracee is the fitness queen we can relate to.

1. When she taught us the power of a good workout playlist.

2. When she emphasized the importance of good form.

3. When she pushed through a workout — even when she didn't feel like it.

4. When she made the most of a "90-minute torture session."

5. When she helped us through our mid-week slump with #WorkoutWednesday

6. When she showed that a little drama is ok if it helps you get it done.

7. When she was armpit goals (and reminded us to work out every muscle in our bodies)!

8. When she showed us how easy it is to get moving, even outside of the gym.

9. When she paid an homage to your favorite aunties on the treadmill.

10. When she encouraged us to push ourselves harder every day.

11. When she was ready to meet us in the ring (kind of).

12. When she invited us to join her as she tried new things.

13. When she showed that you can work out however you want — even in a bright red lip!

14. When she showed off her hard work on the cover of Health Magazine!

15. And when she turned a rainy day into a fun fitness adventure.

Feeling inspired? Hit the gym now!