It’s important to get comfortable with spending time solo and get comfortable in your own skin. It’s the first step in building real self-confidence, which is critical for us all to grow and become our best selves. It can be kind of intimidating to take a trip by yourself when you’re usually surrounded by the comfort of another presence. However, it can be so rewarding and centering to learn how to enjoy life on your own without needing other people. This will help you get comfortable with being anywhere and in any place, no matter who you are (or aren’t) with.

Work in a coffee shop

Photo: Wikicommons

This is probably the most basic and entry-level of ways to work on your own without feeling super self-conscious. After all, isn’t everyone in the coffee shop just there to get work done by fueling themselves with caffeine and free WiFi?

Read in the park

Photo: Jörg Blobelt

Enjoy nature by getting out into nature and tackling that book that’s been sitting by your bed for weeks. Grab an empty park bench or bring a picnic blanket to really spread out. Pick a new park in a neighborhood you’ve never been to before for an extra bit of exploration.

Get artsy

Photo: G.dallorto

You don’t have to be Picasso to explore your creative side. You can do anything as simple as using an adult coloring book or painting on a blank canvas. Whatever it is, exercise that right brain of yours on your own.

Go to a matinee

Photo: Fernando de Sousa

It can be super intimidating to go to the movies alone at night when there are crowds of people around. But in the afternoon when there are fewer people around, going by yourself will guarantee you’ll get a prime seat and have fewer people crunching on popcorn to distract you.

Do your full skincare routine

It’s not often you get a chance to really sit down and just take care of your skin. Usually you’re just wiping your face with a makeup removing wipe and calling it a day. Take the evening and really get the most out of all those products that have been sitting around your bathroom forever.

Try out a new app

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There are so many new apps out there that are supposed to be able to improve your life in every aspect. Take a couple hours to try out new games or productivity apps and see if there’s something you’ve been missing out on all along.

Wikipedia wormhole

In this day and age, it’s a shame not to take full advantage of the “information superhighway” that we have available at our fingertips. Check out the Wikipedia page of your hometown or of the actress in that movie you just saw and see where the links take you from there.

Get down and dirty in the kitchen

Photo: Tomhe

Try out a new recipe you’ve had bookmarked for a lifetime or bake up a batch of treats for friends or family. Explore your culinary skills with this new-found solitude. 

Sit in a new place in your house

It might sound really weird, but try out sitting in that chair you've had forever but have never used or just try out the other side of that kitchen table. It might be a small change, but it might change your perspective and strike some inspiration. You might be able to see a spot that needs some cleaning or find a new reading nook.

Journal a bit

Photo: Marco Verch

Whether it’s writing down your favorite memories from that day or the past year in a physical journal or private blog, make sure you have some way of keeping track of the highlights of your life. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re scrolling or flipping through and recalling some of your best moments.

Try meditation

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No matter where you are in life, it never hurts to be more centered and aware of your body and mind. Ease into it with an app like Headspace, or try going to a class at a local studio. 

Wander the grocery store

Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture

There are few things as satisfying as walking up and down the aisles of the grocery store, exploring all the different items offered. There are the foods that remind you of your childhood, and the foods that you are dying to try out. Take a mosey up and down the aisles to check out what there is to offer, and maybe let yourself be tempted by a treat or two.

Have a fashion show

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Try on all your clothes, see what works, and throw out what doesn’t. This is a great way to transition slowly into clearing out your closet, while also coming out with new outfit combinations for work or the weekend. 

Explore your neighborhood

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Take this chance to check out all the spots you pass by constantly but have never bothered to stop in to explore. Choose a block and go into every single store just to browse their wares and say hello to neighbors. 

Catch-up on rusty skills

Photo: Turidoth File

Maybe you were a violin virtuoso in grade school or a serious grandmaster at chess. Whatever your hobbies used to be, it’s likely you’ve accidentally ignored them and let your skills get rusty while trying to keep up with your everyday life. Dust off that old instrument and make some melodies!