Loving yourself can be challenging if you are on a weight loss journey. Many women feel that they will finally love themselves fully when they completely let go of the weight and are their ideal size. Wanting to get healthier while still accepting your current body can be daunting, but it does not have to be. If you would like to feel your best, there are tips that you can use to accomplish this. The first overall step would be to widen your focus and look at embarking on a weight loss journey as a way to get more fit and healthy for your general well-being. It is important to know that you can begin the weight loss process from a place of acceptance and self-love. That way, you will be able to empathize with yourself when you hit inevitable weight loss roadblocks.

Remember to See Every Day as a New Start

A great way to love yourself during your weight loss journey is to treat every day as a new opportunity. To achieve this, start each day by affirming that you will put in the best effort that you can into being better—no matter what. Evaluating every day as an opportunity for a new start can help you avoid feeling discouraged or having self-doubt. 

Give Yourself a Compliment Often

Although it may feel unnatural at first, it is important to compliment yourself consistently. Daily kindness is an excellent way to achieve self-confidence. This will help grow your confidence over time and remove the constraints of self-doubt. Complimenting yourself will put you in the best position to appreciate yourself more and continue to root for yourself.

Set Reasonable Goals

The thought of dropping a certain number of dress sizes within the shortest time possible is appealing, but it has to be a reasonable goal to be effective. When you are on the path to weight loss, setting reasonable goals can prevent disappointment. Setting attainable goals or improving your diet is a more sustainable way to achieve your goals in the long run.

Appreciate Your Body

Your body has taken you through the ebbs and flows of life's shifting changes. If you are a mother, your body has given you the gift of children that love and appreciate you. It has ushered you into a new age. Embracing all of those experiences is important to cherish as you push yourself (and your body) towards a new era of weight loss.

View Exercise As a Benefit

Although frequent and consistent exercise is one of the easiest ways to lose and maintain weight, it also has other physical and mental health benefits. Research also shows that people who regularly exercise have a higher confidence rate than those who don't. If you can't find the motivation to exercise, get an accountability partner who can assist you on the journey.

Be Content Now

If you are not satisfied with your life and your current weight, you probably will not become happy with it when you lose weight. Make peace with that, but stay committed to being present and content with your current size, and when you eventually shed all of the extra pounds and get to your ideal size, it will be an extra incentive.

Get Rid Of Self-Criticism

This is an important part of weight loss. If you continue to criticize your weight and berate yourself, you will only end up miserable, and you will probably overeat all over again and gain all the weight back, and this will feed a never-ending cycle. Be kind to yourself.

Do Not Give InTo Fatphobia

The more hate, shame, and negativity you feel about being fat, the stronger the pull to keep it there. According to research, 90 percent of weight loss has to do with what is going on internally with you. If you never truly address what is going on in your mind, you will always be subconsciously attracted to food addiction and overeating. This is not encouraging you to remain overweight, but to heal your outer self, you need to work on the internal struggle first.

Find something To Love About Your Body

It is healthy to find at least one thing that you love about your body. Pause for a bit daily and take time to admire and see the beauty of yourself. Doing this will help you feel empowered about yourself and feel more confident in the long run.

Stick To A Healthy Lifestyle

It can be hard to commit to a new lifestyle, but to lose weight, you need to be dedicated to finding a healthier alternative to your current lifestyle and sticking to it.

Let Go Of The Scale

The scale can be the fastest way to get discouraged during your journey. Although it can be tempting to regularly check the numbers on the scale to see how much you have lost, often, the numbers on the scale are not accurate, so it is best to gauge your weight based on how better your clothes fit over time.

Drop The Comparisons

It can be easy to compare yourself to others and get carried away by that. This is unhealthy on many levels because comparisons can be dangerous, and your weight loss journey is different from the next person's journey. Focus on yourself and crush your goals.

Do Something Nice For Yourself

It is perfectly appropriate to reward yourself after you accomplish a milestone. An effective way to do this is to buy yourself something new or even go out to your favorite restaurant for brunch with friends. The weight loss journey is a long process, and it is acceptable to approach it that way by giving yourself treats once in a while.

Don't Neglect Your Mental Health

Your mental health is important, and it is wise to nurture it even during your weight loss journey. Depending on what route you choose for weight loss, mental health can be a big deal. Take time out to do the things you love, spend time with people you love, and speak to a therapist. Little things like this can lay an excellent foundation for mental health down the road. 

Listen To Your Body

If you are exercising a lot and feel suddenly fatigued or generally weak, your body can sense that and has its ways of letting you know. Be sure to listen and pay close attention to the signs and symptoms. They are important.