Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Struggling to find the perfect gift for your relationship? We've got you covered, no matter what stage you're at.

fresh start:

You’re a couple dates in and don’t remember if they have two siblings or three. Here’s a gift for that date you awkwardly planned a little too close to Valentine’s Day.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier, $178

Anybody can enjoy the calming effects of a nice combination diffuser and humidifier. Buy a couple of essential oils to accompany this gift. This will ensure that they are living their best life and really getting must-needed self-care time in every night.

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, $18

Nothing is a better test of compatibility than seeing if your potential bae is open to talking about the complexities of race. This is the ultimate litmus test as to whether you two are on the same page, while also serving as a great conversation starter that isn’t just “How was your day?”

Tile Mate, $20

If your date is always a little late because they couldn’t find their keys or they don’t remember which bar their coat is at, they probably need a Tile. This device will connect to an app on your phone to help you find wherever this tiny device is, as well as vice versa. It’s super handy and will make life that much easier for everyone around them.

Trolli Strawberry Puffs Gummy Candy (3 lbs.), $24

If you always meet at the movies or have a shared insatiable sweet tooth, three pounds of a rare gummy candy is definitely an unexpected and unique gift. This is something you can both share and enjoy.

TBD on DTR (defining the relationship): 

You’ve been on a few dates — enough to have met their roommates and figure out what kind of wine they prefer — but haven’t had “the talk" yet. Here’s a way to show them that they definitely mean something to you without absolutely breaking the bank.

If your date is political and constantly thinking about the good old days of 2014, this might just be the best coffee-table book to gift them. It’s a collection of pictures that show an insight into Obama’s eight years in office that really showcases the full spectrum of the man and the office. 

If you’ve had a chance to check out their place and think it could use a touch of green, this is the perfect solution. It’s a low-maintenance piece of life that will bring a much-needed breath of air to any space.

  • Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew, $34

A nice kitchen upgrade is a gift that anyone can appreciate. Especially when it means cracking open that next bottle of pinot is that much easier on your next at-home date night. 

There are few better gifts than the gift of a good night’s sleep. You feel great, the people around you feel great, and the whole world seems to be singing from the rooftops when your night is full of peaceful slumber. Share this wonderful gift with the one who’s been keeping you up at night with late-night phone calls about everything and anything. 

If you two are just starting to watch that new Netflix show together, show them you enjoy the casual night spent together by getting them a popcorn machine. It’ll be a great addition to elevate your next “Netflix and Chill” night.


You’re deeply in love and can’t wait to show each other how much each time you see each other. You're also still just getting used to referring to each other by labels, and it gives you a little thrill each time you say it out loud. 

Milkbar Customized Birthday Cake, $60

It doesn’t have to be anyone’s birthday to celebrate with a nice customized cake. You can personalize this Insta-worthy cake with the fillings of your choice — passionfruit curd, chocolate malt frosting, fudge sauce, etc. Whatever your Valentine’s tastes are, they are sure to be met with this cake.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, $70

Capture your relationship with these vintage-inspired polaroid photos in modern, adorable packaging.

MoviePass 1-Year Subscription, $90

For less than $100 a year, you’ll get unlimited access to all the movies you could want (maximum one a day). This is perfect so that you have a regular date night scheduled, as well as no excuse come next Oscar season to have not seen everything up for nominations. It’s also a low-key hint that you’re committed and in this for the long haul — or at least another year.

Stuck in Love:

You’re each other’s permanent plus ones to every event and your parents are familiar faces who you added on Facebook after your last family visit. 

Your $100 donation to the charity Nothing But Nets will buy around 10 mosquito nets for families who need to prevent malaria. This is a great way to give back in your loved one's name, especially if they're philanthropically minded and care more about improving the world than another material item.

John Boos Maple Grain Cutting Board, $108

Cooking together has been a favorite past-time for me as of late. Whether it’s meal-prepping or recreating that dish you saw on the Food Network the other night, this chopping board is perfect for improving anyone’s skills in the kitchen.

You know each other’s schedule well-enough where you know that they can’t get through their morning commute without getting their daily podcast fix. Make sure that their next workday or workout is as enjoyable as it can be without the hassle of extra wires. 

Romantic Roommates:

Love isn’t enough — you’re also co-signed on a lease or mortgage together. A gift is a good reminder that you aren’t just taking their presence around the house for granted, as well as to make up for all those times you forgot it was your turn to take the garbage out. 

Fortnum & Mason King’s Hamper, $250

It can be really easy to fall into a routine with your significant other — especially if you live together. That’s why it’s so important to spice things up and plan some exciting outings that the two of you can share to remember how fun and young you are (or once were). This hamper is a great excuse to get outside on a nice day and enjoy a decadent, luxurious picnic. You can even enjoy it on the comforts of your own couch if you insist. 

Nest Learning Thermostat, $249

This is a serious house upgrade that can change the game when it comes to getting over those almost-daily fights about the temperature at home. 

Peg and Awl The Journey Bag, $256

This waxed canvas bag is great for all those weekend trips you two have been talking about taking but just haven’t gotten around to going yet. With this cute weekender, there’s one less excuse and one more incentive to explore with your Valentine.