There's more to being a foodie than just knowing a good place to eat whenever someone needs a recommendation. A foodie is a person who has an intense love for and interest in food, seeking out new food experiences whenever the opportunity presents itself. They pay attention to the spices and marrying of flavors, the technique and the skill it takes to make a dish.

Foodies aren't shy about being excited for wine tastings or restaurant openings. They probably know where their favorite food trucks will be on any given day, and they keep up with the latest in health and nutrition, food trends and juice cleanses. Being a foodie can be one's leisure pursuit and another's life philosophy. Either way, it requires people to challenge themselves and discover new things about people, cultures and the world at large — one plate at a time.

If you can relate, this is what we foodies know to be true:

1. Every meal is the most important meal of the day

2. Eating requires you to use all of your senses 

3. Reservations are to be taken seriously

4. Yelp is a godsend

5. Always review the menu online before committing

6. Asking the waiter/cashier what their recommendations are is a part of the experience

7. Appetizers are a must 

Photo: Teen Vogue

8. Presentation heightens the appetite 

9. Natural lighting is everything

10. Food photos are all about angles

11. There's no limit on hashtags under food posts

12. Every bite should be savored

13. Trying new things is never out of the question 

14. All the latest food trends must be tried and tested 

15. Tumblr and Pinterest are the best places to find recipes

16. There will be multiple trips to the grocery store every week

17. Shopping what's in season (actually) saves you money

18. Farmer's markets are a foodie's favorite pastime

#SupportBlackBusinessPhoto: CBS

19. State Fairs are more about the food than the rides

20. Food network is a guilty pleasure

21. Food trucks are an even guiltier pleasure

And well, honestly….