Throw pillows are an easy way to add depth and color to any room, and are key when it comes to redecorating. Adding a few throw pillows to a room can change the entire vibe! Here are 21 throw pillows that will add personality and comfort to your living room: 

Feminist Throw Pillow, $39

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Make a statement in a cute, fashionable and comfy way. 

Carmo Oversized Corduroy Throw pillow, $59.00

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Add some color and texture to your living room with these oversized corduroy pillows! 

“More Like Jane Bossten” pillow, $29.99

Photo: Xanaduriffic on Society6 

All hail the queen of social commentary and romance! This pillow is perfect if you love Jane Austen, books and Mr. Darcy. 

“Treat Yo Self” pillow, $29.99+

Photo: Leah Flores on Society6

For when you wake up at 3 a.m. to an infomercial and you’re tempted but not completely sure…

“Amateur Drinker” pillow, $29.99+

Photo: Lena Owens on Society6

The best part is, if you spill wine on this it’ll look like it was supposed to be that way. 

“A Woman’s Place is in the White House” pillow, $19.50

Photo: welikestuff on Redbubble

…And the House, and the Senate. 

“Melanin Princess” pillow, $20+

Photo: shopantee on Redbubble

No explanation needed. 

“Together” pillow, $24.17+

Photo: Michelle Borjon on Redbubble

Remind yourself and your guests what you stand for with this pillow.

“Home is where your heart is” pillow,  $20+

Photo: Julia Henze on Redbubble

Reminders of home are the most comforting things. Add this cute pillow to your living room to make your place feel even more like home. 

“Fierce as Hell” pillow, $20+

Photo: kreinholds on Redbubble

Remind yourself and your guests that you are fierce as hell with this throw pillow.

Personalized Home Coordinates Pillow, $38+

Source: FinchandCotter on Etsy

Keep a little piece of home with you with these adorable personalized home coordinates pillows. You can even choose the color of the heart! 

Vintage Patchwork Pillow, $33.00

Photo: Dot and Bo

Get the global look for less with these vintage-inspired throw pillows.

Loom and Mill Red Geometric Decorative Pillow, $27.59

Photo: Dot and Bo

Add a pop of color to your living room with this fun, colorful pattern! 

Belton Faux Sheepskin Fur Pillow, $15.99

Source: Dot and Bo

The ULTIMATE fluffy pillow will take your living room comfort level from a 4 to a 12. Pair this with a warm blanket and some good snacks  and you’ll never need to leave again!

That’s My Spot, $21.99

Photo: MinnieandMaude on Etsy

Your living room, your rules — which includes dibs on prime seating options. 

Netflixing Pillow, $22.99+

Photo: Look Human

If anyone ever questions your Netflix binging again, just hold up this pillow.  

Cat Pop Art Pillow, $40+

Photo: iQstudio on Etsy

Start a debate on cats and dogs with this cat pop art pillow! 

Boston Terrier Pillow, $40+

Photo: iQstudio on Etsy

Or…. end the cat/dog debate with this precious Boston Terrier pillow! 

Let’s Flamingle, $32+

Photo: AThingCreated on Etsy

This pillow means business. There’s no sitting in silence in your living room!

The Snuggle Is Real Pillow, $30.99+ 

Photo: SleepyPandaPieces on Etsy

Let your guests know you enjoy bad puns and snuggling with this witty pillow. You can even customize the color of the text! 

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Pillow Cover, $49.50

Photo: Pottery Barn

Let your inner Harry Potter nerd out with the new Harry Potter collection from PBteen. From this Marauder’s Map pillow cover (which glows in the dark!) to House Patch pillow covers (show your House pride!) you’re never too old for a bit of magic.