Boosting your productivity on the job, as an entrepreneur, or at home offers incredible rewards such as raises, higher profits, and healthier lifestyles. 

Not only are you getting more done, but you're also getting it done in less time and more efficiently. As a result, you create more time to do all the things and with the people you love. 

You see, increasing your productivity is a win-win for everyone in your circle!

The beauty is, there are so many apps on the market geared towards improving productivity. Here are a few we've found worth taking a look at.

#1 Evernote

You might've heard of Evernote, a well-known tool best used for taking notes and storing valuable information. If you're on-the-go yet come across a great business idea or need to capture a thought, you can record it in the app and then organize it into one of your "notebooks" for easy access.

Here's what makes this app so effective: You can curate your notes across your various devices and, if you're techy, easily integrate other productivity tools like Google Drive or Slack. 

Additionally, you can house personal content such as screenshots, images, docs, links, and audio notes, and further categorize them. 

This saves you tons of time wondering where (digital) things are!

#2 RescueTime

Get more from your day without working more is the motto at RescueTime. This time-tracking app will actually record the time you spend on websites, apps, and docs…automatically. 

This means there's no manual entry on your part! You'll find out exactly how much time you spend scrolling on Facebook, working on a project, or browsing Fenty Beauty.

But, this is a no-judgment zone! All of this data is compiled in a report to help you better understand how you spend your time so you can get better at spending your time.

Finally, RescueTime features a cool thing called FocusTime where it will block all distractions when it's time for you to take on an important task.

#3 Forest

Into gamification? Forest is a cool productivity app that combines fun, goal-setting, and humanitarianism rolled into one.

Mainly, this tool helps you to remain phone-free to truly focus on your task or assignment with no interruptions. When you're ready to get in your focus zone, plant a tree on the app. As you stay focused, your tree starts to grow. 

You know you're thriving when your tree flourishes into a beautiful forest. You also have the opportunity to grow trees in real life through Trees for the Future.

Yes, your productivity can make the world a better place!

Try Them Out!

We applaud you for wanting to step up your game and increase your productivity! Test these tools for your own benefit to discover what works best for you. Over time, you'll find yourself getting more done while reaping the rewards.

Don't forget to come back and tell us about it!

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