I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a RIDE! The good news is we made it! 2021 is on the way! New year, new you! You might be feeling a bit nervous about what the new year has in store. We are right there with you! While there are still so many changes and uncertainties ahead of us, one thing you can count on is beauty trends. 2021 will definitely have the timeless trends we know and love, but there will also be a lot of new things and new twists to old things.  Let's dive right in!


Okay, how many of us are really putting on foundation anymore? Between Zoom meetings and lockdowns, it just seems like so much extra time, so in 2021, we are focusing on perfecting our natural glow. The first step is to figure out your skin type. Not sure what it is? No worries! Check out this article! It may take a little time, but soon you'll have your skincare routine down pat, whether your skin is oily, dry, or somewhere in between!

Graphic liner!

A skincare focus doesn't mean we can't have fun. The bottom half of your face may be covered, but that's the perfect excuse to go all out with your eyes! Consider a nude eyeshadow with a giant neon-colored winged liner or even making a pattern on your eyelids! If you're worried about dark circles competing with your look and want to keep things minimal, there are incredible concealers on the market for all budgets. Just add a little to your under-eye, blend, set, and you're good to go! Do a bit of shopping and see what works for you!

Colorful mascara!

Why not add some plum-colored lashes to go with that neon violet wing? With colored mascara, there's no need to reach for a pair of falsies! From drugstore to luxe, there are enough shade options to switch it up every day!

So now that you've got your natural glow and brilliant eyes, you're ready to take on the world in 2021….or maybe just your Netflix queue! Whatever big plans you have, we're right here with you. Stay safe out there!