Double Dutch: A game of time and precision. Your coordination must flow for the ultimate jumping experience. Unfortunately, I feel bad for whoever turns the ropes for me, because after five minutes I guarantee that they will hate me. I watch carefully for the perfect moment to jump in, but as soon as I move towards the ropes, I abruptly pull back. 

Nah, it wasn’t time.

I want to be like the professionals and not mess up once I get in. It has to be flawless. This causes me to sit and watch the ropes instead of getting in on the action. I’m just waiting for the perfect time. But the time never comes. 

The perfect time.

The moment when you have every penny that you will ever need, a 35-year step-by-step plan, and the support of President Barack Obama to launch your idea. The idea that you can’t stop talking about and the topic of every commercial break while watching Insecure. When you see others on Instagram promoting the same idea, you think to yourself "I am WAY better, they don’t have nothing on me!" The blog launch, YouTube channel, podcast, boutique or new service. Yeah, THAT idea. Instead of moving forward, you continue to wait for the perfect time to jump in. But your idea can’t wait much longer, and here’s why.

  • 1. Girl, ain’t nobody stopping you

  • No matter what you attempt to accomplish in life, there will always be a hurdle of some kind. When the hurdle gets in the way of our idea, instead of searching for ways to overcome it, we use it as a cemented barricade that shall never be crossed. I get it. Time, money, knowing the right people and having kids can be reality.  
  • However, instead of taking that statement as a fact, when was the last time you thought of a plan to move past it? Try getting up a little earlier or saving cash by wearing what’s in your closet (no need for a new outfit EVERY time you go out); it’s a sacrifice, but it can be done.   It is not impossible, so stop thinking that it is. And if you feel defeated, Google success stories; there is someone out here winning with the same obstacles you are letting prevent you from moving forward.    
  • 2. You are the answer to someone’s prayers 

God is so cool that he created life to be a chain of events. One event or situation effects the next. Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx and youngest self-made female billionaire, received the idea for this life changing product by watching the Oprah show. What if Oprah never pursued the idea of being authentic and having intentional shows? Well, we would still be cutting out the foot of our pantyhose so those rolls won’t show in our outfits. We may never know the impact that our ideas may carry. Your idea is someone else’s breakthrough. The answer they have been praying for. Someone is waiting on you.

3. Delay what you seek

Who doesn’t want to be happy, experience joy or finally get peace of mind? We go to extremes to fulfill this void: A new job, another relationship, tickets that you can’t afford to see Beyoncé… AGAIN; but they only give us brief satisfaction before we start our quest once more. Before I launched my coaching practice and blog, I must say life was pretty low. I had just been fired and picked up a job that wasn’t in my field, and my co-workers got on my LAST nerve. Once I launched my idea and began to walk in my purpose, that all changed. I started to look at life through another perspective.  

I can say that I am genuinely happy from my core. It is amazing and something that I have never experienced by drinking a bottle of Hennessy or calling my ex for a fix. My circumstances didn’t change either. I still drive the same car, have the same job and income and I'm still single as a dollar. When I made the decision to launch my idea, it gave me all that I was looking for and more. One action changed my life forever, and it has the power to do the same for you!

The time has come to put those ideas to work. You will no longer talk an idea to death, but you'll instead move on what has been in your heart. The time is now and your idea CAN’T wait any longer!

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