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3 Tips For Developing Quality Relationships Through Networking

by Live + Share Agency

Photo: CEO Chicks Network

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With the wave of social media, there’s no lack of finding a networking event to attend. However, many entrepreneurs still struggle with sealing the deal and making a lasting connection after the event has ended.

Founder of CEO Chicks Network, Coleen Otero, is no stranger to mastering the art of building a purposeful tribe. She believes networking with a purpose is simply seeking quality connections over quantity.

Here are the top three tips for developing quality relationships through networking:

1. Research 

So many find themselves trying to go to every event under the sun in an attempt to make new connections, and they quickly burn out. We can’t base our next networking event on cute pics from the “gram”. We have to do our due diligence and research different organizations, along with their members.

2. Prepare your Pitch 

Now that you're aware of who will be in the room, you want to have an idea of what to say when you meet them. One of the best ice breakers is to compliment someone, not just on their outfit of the day but on the work they’ve accomplished. Have a question prepared to get them talking, then say something like, “I would love to talk more and take you to lunch, may I have your card?” By this time, if they’re enjoying the dialogue, they’ll agree to another meetup. Do not feel the pressure to overshare, let them do most of the talking and make it a learning opportunity for you. Gain insight that can be used later when you follow up.

3. Follow Up 

Once you’ve done your research and made the connection, following through is where the courting begins. I have been coined as the follow through Queen! Once I know I have made a connection that can serve the needs of my organization, it is my job to follow through with where I can bring value. When you're networking, you should focus on what you can give instead of getting. Many people don’t land quality connections because they fail to provide value. If you want a seat at the table, you have to bring something good to eat!

Building a relationship takes time, but with the right tools you can speed up the process. To learn more on how to grow your sphere of influence, connect with Coleen’s business network for women at CEO Chicks Network, and at their annual conference, Dominate, from March 1-2. 

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