For the longest, women, in general, have faced inequalities in major aspects of life — socially, economically, etc. Black women have suffered tenfold. But don't let these issues defeat you and make you lose sight of your true power. It's high time to embrace your Black Girl Magic and take the world by storm. Here's how.


Black women and girls get major grief from their hair. Black girls have been sent home from school because of their hairstyles, mostly because they didn't adhere to society's standards of beauty. They're told their natural hair is "untidy" and "unprofessional". But Black hair is beautiful. It's unique and versatile. So whatever you choose to do to your hair, own it. Whether you have box braids, Bantu knots, or a silk press, embrace it. Because once you start truly embracing your hair, you embrace yourself. 


Black comes in different shades and they're all beautiful. Yet darker-skinned black women have so many stories of how badly they were treated because of the skin they were born in. But darker skin is gorgeous, no matter the shade. Your melanin is what makes your hair strong. It's what makes your skin resilient against the sun's rays. It's what makes you, you. Your melanin is magic and it's time to embrace it.


To understand your resilience, think back to what Black women have been through over the years. Groundbreaking African American leaders like Nina Simone and Misty Copeland had dreams that didn't come easy due to the color of their skin. Radio stations and venues refused to play Nina Simone's music, but it didn't stop her. Misty Copeland became the first African American appointed as a Principal dancer, which is the highest rank dancer at a Ballet company. These women didn't let their obstacles deter them. It's up to you to take that same approach and find your own resilience. 

There is no one way to embrace your Black Girl Magic. The real secret to Black Girl Magic is you.