Eyelashes seem like such an inconsequential thing. We kind of ignore them until one gets in the eye, but otherwise, they just hang out- until it's time to put on makeup. When you commit to doing a full face, there are suddenly things you've never thought of popping up. Will this eyeshadow show up over my lashes? Will this liquid liner get them all stiff? You might even find yourself looking in the mirror, wishing you could get your lashes a little bit longer to really finish off your look. If that sounds familiar, keep reading for three ways to extend lashes without falsies!


Some people literally wake up with long luxurious lashes. For the rest of us, there's mascara! I absolutely adore mascara because there are so many kinds for various budgets. But for now, let's focus on drugstore brands. My personal favorite is Maybelline because, as a contact lens wearer, I can always count on Maybelline to be safe for my eyes. Plus, it's been around for quite a while, so it's a trusted brand! Of course, everyone has their own preference. With so many amazing drugstore brands, you can play around and find your favorite without putting a dent in your wallet!


Maybe you're more used to face or hair serums but hear us out! The ingredients in eyelash serums such as castor oil and vitamin E have science backing them up. These ingredients are shown to help improve growth and add shine but as with any product meant to go in or near your eyes, check with your optometrist before you try out a serum.


This one is a bit less natural but more science-based! It's time for a quick lesson on how eyelashes grow. There are three phases of growth that eyelashes go through- a dormant stage called catagen, a shedding phase called telogen, and a growth phase called anagen. Your lashes are usually in the catagen or telogen phase, so it can take a while for them to grow naturally. That's where prescription serums come in! Currently, the only FDA-approved serum is Latisse. Latisse can grow lashes in four to six weeks- a third of the time of natural growth!

With all the options available to help your lashes naturally look their best, it can be a bit overwhelming. If any of these sound good to you, make sure you do your own research with your doctor's help!