Who doesn’t need a reminder to slip out of the noise of the day and choose ease? When anxiety is high, and you need extra tenderness, self-care coloring books can offer some respite. The mindless and routine strokes of the coloring pencils or expressive coloring outside the lines can be therapeutic. As Black women, indulging in art can be just the rest that we need. In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we’ve selected 4 Black Femme coloring books to get lost in. Happy coloring!

‘Women + Patterns + Plants’ is Sarina Mantle’s love letter to Black women in need of some celebration. The paintings are vibrant, include poems and reflections, and represent the otherworldliness of Black femmes everywhere.

An exhale indeed. We adore this self-care coloring book because it centers on good vibes and soft life aesthetics.

How refreshing to have a self-care coloring book that offers ‘I AM’ manifestations and dope Black femme artistry. Save this one for the Black femmes in your life who need a reminder of their excellence.

Afro-centric and chic, this is our type of coloring book. When anxiety creeps in, open up to one of these 40 incredible Black femme portraits to keep you going. You’ll feel awe-inspired even before you add color.

How to use your self-care coloring books

Park (solo) dates: Chilling with friends on a sunny afternoon or trying something creative for a first date to ease the nerves; this is a cute way to have fun together. If you’re looking for a perfect excuse to lay out in the park and enjoy the sun and your own energy, packing a coloring book is a great addition to your solo park date. Picture it, a journal, your portable speaker, some snacks, your favorite coloring book, pencils (and a sharpener!) Sounds like a date to us.

Self-care Sunday routine: Adding self-care coloring books to your Sunday routine is a great way to establish a softer transition into the working week. Giving yourself permission to indulge in this quiet time is important before reengaging with outside responsibilities.

Unwinding on the commute home: Busy day at work? If you have a long commute to look forward to, try not to allow work responsibilities to follow you home. Sitting with your self-care coloring books may be an ideal way to destress and invite ease into your evening. It might also be a great way to train the mind to healthily disassociate commute time from extended work time. By the time you arrive home, your mind should be clearer and focused on your home life and space.

Flights: Long flights can be challenging. There are only so many movies you can watch, and who says you want to finish your holiday read before you’ve even landed? A coloring book is not only a great way to ease boredom but also the nervous system.

Paint and sip, home edition: Any opportunity to alleviate anxiety is welcomed, especially if the paint brushes make an appearance. Let your inner child run wild in your own home version of sip and paint. A sporadic painting session might be the burst of fun you need to destress.

Whenever life calls for some stillness: No matter what you’re going through, it is always best to honor the call for stillness when you feel it. Living slowly and treating yourself kindly pays off in the long run. A guilt-free moment on the page might be the reset you didn’t know you needed.

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