Intersectional environmentalism is a mainstream environmentalist movement that blends equity and inclusion with environmentalism. The goal is to bring more diverse voices into the conversation about how to protect people and the planet. Numerous Black influencers and content creators are leading the discussion on intersectional environmentalism.

If you are looking for ideas on being more eco-friendly, look no further than these four Black sustainability influencers. They are sure to help you cultivate a green thumb in your everyday life.

Gina Danza

Credit: @wildgina / Instagram

Gina Daza (aka Wild Gina), a self-proclaimed “wild botanical artist,” is an intimate landscape photographer and sci-artist. Also, she’s one of the top Black landscape photographers and made history as a topselling Black landscape artist. She’s sold more than 4500 prints since her shop opened in 2020. She uses her platform to advocate for people and the planet, and she educates her audience about plants and our world’s biodiversity.

Jazmine Rogers

Credit: @thatcurlytop / Instagram

Jazmine Rogers describes herself as #suistanablebaddie, also the name of her online platform that highlights sustainable fashion and living, Sustainable Baddie. As a content creator, Jazmine advocates for social justice and offers sustainable lifestyle advice through diverse voices. The goal of Sustainable Baddie is to provide steps that we all can take to make the planet habitable for all.

Jhánneu Roberts

Credit: @jhanneu / Instagram

Jhánneu Roberts is a sustainability expert, content creator, and speaker. She uses her platform @jhanneutravels to focus on eco-friendly travel. Also, the Chicago native is motivated by her passion to make low-waste living inclusive and accessible to all. She recommends readings, products, and brands related to sustainable and low-waste living. 

Leah Thomas

Credit: @greengirlleah / Instagram

Leah Thomas, aka Green Girl Leah, focuses on all things earthy through a sustainable lens. She founded Intersectional Environmentalist, a 501(c)(3) climate justice collective. The collective radically imagines a more equitable and diverse future of environmentalism. She offers training and consulting to create resources and deepen awareness about environmental justice. She also writes about equity and environmental justice.