So you made the decision to move forward on your business idea and have been hit with the reality of having to write a business plan. As challenging as it can be to write a thorough bank- and investor-ready business plan, you don’t have to pull out your edges, sis. 

There are a number of apps at your fingertips that can help you simplify the often tedious and time-consuming process. Time, budget, and resource issues can easily be alleviated by using a business plan-generating app that can help you get your plan on paper and ready to be brought to life. 

Below are four apps that can help you get your business plan started and even in front of potential investors.

The Small Business Administration’s Business Plan Tool

The SBA app offers free business plan templates that help you define the important aspects of your business, including management structure, product lines, sales strategies and financial projections. 

After creating an account, the app takes you through a guided step-by-step process for creating your business plan. All your plan’s content is secure, and you have the option to update your plan as your company grows and adopts new changes. You can also save your plan as a PDF file for easy distribution.


This all-in-one online tool walks entrepreneurs through the necessary steps of creating a traditional business plan.

Based on the information you enter into the app, Enloop does all the hard work of generating sales, profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet projections. Users also receive detailed graphs and useful visual elements that can easily be incorporated into your business plan.

Enloop offers a Free & Easy option that includes a single custom business plan that can be professionally formatted into a downloadable PDF file. Their paid packages range from $9.95 a month to $39.95 a month and allow users to make multiple business plans.

Business Plan Premiere 

Business Plan Premiere is a $9.99 app that can help you structure and craft your business plan.  It also can help you present your finished plan to more than 3 000 high net worth potential investors.

The app takes you through the writing process that covers your company’s vision and mission statements, product descriptions and marketing plans. You can also get assistance with completing vital business plan elements including competitive and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, identifying your start-up expenses, defining your target market and more depending on your needs.

A free Business Plan Lite version of the app is also available but doesn’t come with as many features as the Premiere plan. So invest wisely sis. 


For just $19.95 per month, or $11.66 per month if you elect to pay annually, Liveplan offers users a guided business plan tool with over 500 business plan templates and examples that make it so much easier for you to define and structure your business plan. 

The app also helps you see how your business levels up next to your competitors through its 

Benchmarks system. Once you have brought your vision to life and are generating revenue, LifePlan Scoreboard tracks your accounting information and helps you keep your coins accounted for.

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