It seems that quite a few kids spend more time on devices than with their family at home. We often hear parents and grandparents complain about how their kids are not interested in playing outside or even having meaningful and fun conversations with children their age. One way to curb your kids' screen addiction is to institute a no-device rule at mealtime, in the morning, and when the kids have chores to do. If it's the weekend, come up with some fun screen-free activities for the kids. Here a few ideas to help you get started.

Breakfast Cook-Off

If you have teenagers, host a weekend breakfast cook-off with them. Give each child a brown paper bag with breakfast ingredients plus two unusual ones to challenge each of them. The kids can have 30 minutes to an hour to prepare their dishes, and the younger siblings will judge the meals. The top winner gets to decide what the family will have for dinner and dessert.

Have a Talent Show

Another idea would be to host a family talent show. Each family member will showcase certain hidden talents, and the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a few cousins will serve as judges. The top three winners will receive a special prize! The prizes can be a gift card to the winner's favorite restaurant, a new set of toys, or some nice jewelry.

Life Skills Weekend Training

Academic skills are crucial for kids, but life skills are even more important. You can dedicate a few hours out of each weekend to teach the kids certain life skills. If you have little ones, you can teach the kids how to tie their shoes, dress themselves, clean their rooms, and set the table. For teens and preteens, you might teach proper haircare and hygiene, how to iron certain types of clothing, and the definition of certain financial terms. 

Go On a Road Trip

Is there a nearby city that you want to visit but couldn't due to a busy schedule? If you and your spouse are off for the weekend, schedule a road trip with the kids. Look online for the city's best and most affordable venues and eateries, and write those down before heading out. Bring extra cash and a credit card for emergencies. If you have relatives who live in the city you're visiting, ask if you can stay with them for the weekend.