Over the past several decades, the growth of Youtube has helped many of people in various aspects of their lives. Some people go to Youtube to learn how to change a tire, other’s use it as a means to fuel their conspiracy theories on real-life mermaids. It is also used as a great tool for people to learn how to do their hair, including those with 4C tresses.

Among the various influencers across social media, 4C hair care influencers have created a lane all for themselves. They are a driving force in redefining beauty standards, promoting self-acceptance, and celebrating natural hair textures. Each of them have their own perspectives on their mane with unique hair journeys and impactful content. On Youtube specifically, these influencers have become crucial voices in empowering individuals with 4C hair. They have also led to a shift of inclusivity within the beauty industry.

These influencers have given viewers the tools and guidance needed to get their hair in tip-top shape. From custards to creams and everything in between, there are so many hair care products that can leave your strands flawless. 21Ninety has scoured the internet to find some of the top YouTube 4C recommendations from creators who really know their stuff. Check them out!

Ijeoma Kola

Meet Ijeoma Kola! She is not just a beauty influencer. She also brings her subscribers on a journey through her life. That includes focusing on health and wellness. However, she does have several videos dedicated to hair tutorials. In one of the videos, she shows viewers how to achieve a beautiful twist out on 4C hair with just two products.

Ijeoma’s Picks

Photo Courtesy of Eden Bodyworks

Eden Bodywork’s co-wash is perfect for getting rid of build-up in between wash days. It is a moisturizing, sulfate-free cleansing conditioner. It leaves hair silky, soft, and frizz-free. The product is a blend of coconut oil, shea butter to protect, smooth and lubricate hair, and aloe vera to soften the hair.

Photo Courtesy of Carol's Daughter

Carol’s Daughter is known to have some of the best products for curls and coils. This curl-enhancing butter is a YouTube 4C recommendation that will help your curls twist in the desired fashion and gives them a boost of juicy moisture.

Chizi Duru

Meet Chizi Duru. She is a Nigerian Youtube content creator who is unapologetically herself. On her channel, you will find videos of her hair journey as well as content showing subscribers bits and pieces of her life. Her 4C journey playlist features many tips and tricks. Below are some YouTube 4C recommendations for products she uses on her braid outs.

Chizi’s 4C Hair Braid Out Picks

Photo Courtesy of Texture ID

This leave-in conditioner by Texture ID will give your 4C hair the hydration it needs to thrive. This product is a balance of aloe vera extract and coconut oil. These ingredients help hair retain moisture and softness while sealing the cuticle layer to help block out any frizz. There is also an added element of honey which nurtures hair follicles and promotes healthy growth.

Photo Courtesy of tgin

Many natural hair consumers swear by the brand, tgin. Their curl food is a great product to add to your hair care regimen. It uses coconut oil and black honey to infuse healing hydration into your hair, controlling dryness and frizz.

Jenn Jackson

Meet Jenn Jackson! She is a Youtuber with a deep passion for beauty, fashion and self-care. She places a special emphasis on natural hair and more specifically 4C hair. Jackson strives to encourage women to love and accept their authentic selves. Her channel is full of 4C recommendations, tips and tricks for those looking to style their beautiful tresses.

Jenn’s Picks

Ouidad’s Curl Recovery Cleansing Oil is a great product to help you start with a fresh foundation. It is a foaming, water-activated cleanser that gently removes dirt and build-up while restoring essential moisture. It’s perfect for restoring your hair after product build-up.

Photo Courtesy of Melanin Haircare

Melanin Haircare’s leave-in conditioner gives your hair an extra boost of hydration. Not only is this product affordable but you can use it for a variety of reasons outside of a leave-in conditioner. According to the brand, this product can be used as a regular conditioner, deep conditioner, pre-poo, and daily moisturizer.

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