It’s essential be in sync with your monthly cycle and your body. Gone are the days of wondering when your period will arrive or what part of your menstrual cycle you are in. Technology make keeping up with our periods seamless and easy. There are a number of apps that track period symptoms, ovulation cycles, and fertility windows. Here are five apps to help you track your period.


Credit: @clueapp / Instagram

With a tagline line “live in sync with your cycle,” Clue is an app dedicated to tracking your cycle patterns. Find how your cycle affects your mood, skin, and energy levels. Female-led, data-secure, and ethics-driven, Clue offers its 10 million monthly users ovulation, PMS, and period tracking. As you track cycles and observe patterns, your predictions get more accurate each time.

Always You: Period Tracker

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An app built to #EndPeriodPoverty, the Period Tracker app helps you track and predict your period, ovulation, and cycle while highlighting your overall wellness. The app offers content, tips, and “microsteps,” which are science-backed actions that help improve your health and wellness. You’ll know when your period is coming because the app make tracking your cycle simple.


Drip. is not another fluffy menstrual app. It’s a menstrual cycle tracking app designed with gender inclusivity in mind. One major plus is that everything you enter stays in the app. Meaning none of your information sells to third party vendors. The app shares data that help you gain insights about yourself, like tracking your bleeding, fertility, sex, and mood.


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A major advantage of Euki is that the app stores data locally on your phone rather than in the cloud, similar to drip.. It’s no wonder privacy is a priority, as the app was developed by leading reproductive health researchers, privacy experts, and users. The app encourages taking control of your health and tracking your period. Users can track symptoms throughout their menstrual cycle and get insights into their health, like their average cycle length, period duration, and any cycle variations.

Lady Cycle

Only available on Android IOS, Lady Cycle avoids using third party trackers. One feature of the app is a calendar that tracks your cycle phases, your next ovulation, and your next period. You will receive an analysis of how your symptoms interact with your menstrual cycle and insights personalized to you.