We always hear “new year, new me” every January, but some tend to forget that the new year may also mean a new look. Who do you want to be in this new year? Are you revamping your style to fit her?

Most people don’t know where exactly to start. Refreshing your wardrobe to fit the new woman you want to become isn’t simple, however, we can assist you with where to look to find some fashion inspiration. So, check out these 5 Black-owned boutiques to get your new year look all the way together.

1. Sugar Popped


Sugar Popped is Atlanta’s up-and-coming “it-girl” Black-owned boutique that is here to give you all of the trendy looks that are guaranteed to turn heads. This Black-owned boutique has all the styles that will turn give the “new you” all the confidence she needs. From the form-fitting jeans to the variety of dresses all the way to even their sets and jumpsuits, this is the one to look out for.

Delivering the latest fits and pieces in a variety of styles, Sugar Popped serves up looks from their retail location in Atlanta to customers around the block and across the country. They also ship nationwide. Sugar Popped is at the forefront of new fashion with loyal customers around the country sporting their cutting-edge looks.

2. Cutely Covered


If that “new you” is seeking to get into that “boss look” this is just the Black-owned boutique for you. Cutely Covered not only serves up stylish looks but does it with grace and class. You can go from turning heads in the board room right to getting drinks with the girls without changing a thing.

Cutely Covered is your online destination for fashionable, high-quality women’s wear. The company prides itself in offering top fashion, one-of-a-kind pieces that are of superior quality. No matter the occasion, Cutely Covered has the desired style.

3. Miy Lifestyle


Cozy, comfy, and cute. If you’re looking for a Black-owned boutique that fits all three of those words in one, you’ve found your match. Miy Lifestyle is known to have pieces that are not only original but versatile. The company touts its tracksuits that come in velour for the y2k hotties as well as nice cozy cotton, both with “lifestyle” on the butt for a little cheeky action. It also has an assortment of stylish purses and hats. The founder, Samiyah Gaddy, is an HBCU alum and has even made a few custom HBCU pieces.

Miy Lifestyle is perfect for the babes looking to usher the soft life into their wardrobes.

4. Touch Dolls


Touch Dolls does not miss with any of their clothing. One thing about this company is that it gives you plenty, plenty options. From vacation, to the board room, to date night and back they have everything that will fit your needs. Meanwhile, keeping everything classy with a little hint of sassy.

The Miami-based brand is known for creating new looks and styles that are always chic, no matter the season. With new looks added weekly, there is always something new and worth exploring. They pride themselves on providing the best there is when it comes to clothing accessories and inspirational looks that keep you in style.

5. Shop Nichole Lynel


If that “new you” is looking to make some money moves this year, you need to embody that in your style. Shop Nichole Lynel will get you right! Each piece screams luxury but also screams “I run this establishment.” From the dresses to the blazers to the oversized sweaters and even their tracksuits, no one in their right mind would even think to cross you and your hustle!

Founder Nichole Lynel has always been fascinated with luxury in clothing and has made sure to give each of her customers just that!