This year, many emerging dating trends exist that many singles should keep in their arsenal to navigate the ever-morphing dating world. Expectations around dating have significantly changed over the past two years. Below are just a few trends that are emerging in the dating world:


This is a process of taking a strictly strategic approach towards dating. These days, many singles engage in Gambiting, including about 33% of Gen-Z. Singles who adapt to this dating trend are usually very practical about who and why they date.

Weekend Up-Dating:

Weekend Up-Dating is when recently single people strategically select a partner and relationship that is an upgrade from their former relationship. For example, they can date someone more financially successful, attractive, and romantic. People can also choose to date someone they feel more compatible with, making the relationship more pleasant.


More and more people continue to use dating apps to find and foster romantic dating and intimate relationships and make friendships and network. Being single doesn't mean you have to go through life in a lonely way. Many people have fostered new platonic friendships through dating apps, and that trend is continuing to gain popularity.


Hesidating is when people get cold feet or hesitate to date because they are unsure if they want to date seriously or casually. While many couples are decisive about dating and know that they want to date immediately after meeting, others are not so decisive. That is where hesidating comes to the forefront.

Emotional Intelligence Over Physical Attraction

As people become savvier regarding dating and relationships, they are beginning to become more attracted to emotional intelligence and maturity than physical attractiveness. Although humans are visual by nature, people gravitate more towards getting to know their dates and gauge their emotional maturity instead of falling hook, line, and sinker for their looks. With time, beauty and looks fade, but being a kind, empathetic, and emotionally mature human being does not fade.