In the western world, fitness often equates to pain. As the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain.’ Oftentimes, we wake up at the crack of dawn for a hot yoga class or cram in an hour of lifting after work. But in other cultures,  exercise is thought to be a steady and consistent part of your everyday life. Here are five hacks to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.

Incorporate Daily Walks

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), extended periods of sitting and inactivity can increase your chances of obesity and being overweight. It’s essential to get on your feet and move to combat this. Use your work breaks for a quick walk in the afternoon. You can also start your morning or end your evening with a nature walk. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset or sunrise to inspire movement. 

Take the Steps

There is always an option to take an elevator or escalator in public space, but as much as you can, opt for the steps. It might seem silly or small, but taking the stairs can make a world of difference in your health. Get that butt and those calves engaged, and take the steps as often as you can. There’s nothing wrong with getting your heart rate up and having a small sweat session in the middle of your day.

Park Further Away 

Another small hack that can make a difference next time you go to the mall or the grocery store is to park further away from the entrance. Though it’s only a few extra steps, you train yourself to choose more walking and pysichal activity. 

Work at a Standing Desks

The main perk of a standing desk is that it gets you off your butt. According to a study by Harvard Health, working at a standing desk can also reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain, increase joint and muscle movement, and improve productivity.

Make It a Social Activity

Lastly, an easy hack to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is to make fitness a social activity. Try inviting your friends to try out a new pilates studio or take a HIIT class. Invite friends or family over for a fun at-home workout after workout or hike. Incorporating your family and friends into your workout routine will help your accountability. The added company will also make it more fun!