Everyone focuses so much on costumes and the makeup for Halloween, but your hair deserves to get some shine, too. Think playful and haunted, spooky yet chic. Your hair can be the star of your Halloween costume this year. Pro-Tip: Be sure to match your hairstyle to your outfit to make your look stand out from the crowd.

Here are five hairstyle ideas to rock this Halloween.

Bubble Braids

Credit: @erica_nicoleee_ / Instagram

Who doesn’t love a simple yet fabulous bubble braid? This glamorous hairstyle will be the star of your Halloween outfit. All you really need is a few hair ties. Slick your hair back in a chic, high ponytail and wrap a hair tie down your ponytail every one to two inches.


Credit: @qtepiee88 / Instagram

Puffs are a versatile statement-maker. This natural hairstyle is perfect for your Halloween costume, whether you are thinking of dressing as a breakfast cereal or a 70s disco diva. The options are truly endless with this playful look.

Hair Gems

Credit: @beauty_byjosy / Instagram

These delicate and pristine hair accessories can really jazz up your Halloween costume. You can be a belly dancer or a star in the night sky. Whatever costume you choose, your hairstyle will shine bright with these tiny embellishments.


Credit @elainewelteroth / Instagram

Hello, Foxy Brown! Rock the perfect afro with flare denim, a matching metallic set, or petal pusher pants. Whatever you choose, your outfit is will need to keep up with the volume and beauty of your afro.

Flower Hair

Credit: @hkassel / Instagram

Adorn your crown with flowers for the ultimate simple and beautiful statement look. You can dress as a flower child from the 1960s and 70s who is passionate about peace and love. You could also dress up as a literal flower with this fun hairstyle.