Hey sis! You've already claimed 2021 as the year that you're going after your best life. You are prioritizing your mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health above all things while letting go of the things that no longer serve you. Sis is meditating. Sis is saving. Sis is going to therapy. Sis is finding her footing. Sis is you!!! 

But sis can also be struggling with things that can make the journey a little bit more complicated. No matter how grounded you are, if you're living with anxiety, achieving ultimate peace takes intentional work and healthy coping mechanisms for battling through the uncertainty. 

Here are some ways to combat those anxious feelings and keep moving forward.


Taking time to sit with your thoughts may be the last thing you feel inclined to do when dealing with anxiety; however, it is what can be most helpful. The act of putting pen to paper allows you to gain a different perspective on what is actually happening vs. the lies your anxiety would rather you believe. Not being able to separate reality from our own fears can send us spiraling, but when journaling gives you a great opportunity to deal only with what is. And it doesn't have to stop at writing. You can choose to keep a video diary or even voice memos to help you keep track of how you're feeling and why. It's also a great tool for tracking progress. Nothing feels better than revisiting an old journal entry and seeing just how far you've come. 


Meditation may seem nearly impossible when you have a racing mind, but even five minutes can help slow the speed at which your thoughts are coming. Being inundated with information constantly creates an almost popcorn kernel effect that makes our brains go into overdrive. Inviting your mind to let thoughts come in and float by allows you to acknowledge them without letting them control you. Every feeling begins as a thought; therefore, if we can harness the stories we tell ourselves, we can improve our moods exponentially. 

Limit Alcohol and Caffeine

I know. When we are charged up mentally, it can be a natural inclination to have a glass of wine to relax or a cup of coffee to help us stay focused. Yeah, no. Both alcohol and caffeine can trigger anxiety attacks. Opt for a calming cup of tea—peppermint, lavender, and chamomile are great choices—or a CBD-infused treat to bring calm to your nervous system and ease your mind. 


It's time to rest, love. The world will not stop if you give yourself a moment to fully shut down. When you're worried about the next moment, it can feel impossible to fully check out even for a nap, but if you've hit your peak in anxiety—your body needs a second to recalibrate. And sleep is the best way to do that. If you can, penciling in even a 15-minute nap can help you reclaim your day and bring calmness to your brain. 

Reach Out

This may be the hardest step to take for many people, but it can make a world of difference. Having a trusted tribe of friends who can talk you off the proverbial ledge when things get mentally murky can be a game-changer. When we are lost in our own brains, we can believe the worst things are true about ourselves. Calling up a mentor or a homegirl who can help you redirect and assess the root of your thinking can be incredibly uplifting. Even if they don't have guidance on what you're actually experiencing, just having a voice other than your own to hear for a while can brighten your spirits. Lean on your community and let them bring you joy. 

If you're currently struggling with anxiety, give yourself some compassion and remember everything is temporary. This moment and the next are all passing in due time. Take a deep breath and know that all will be fine.