Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation! At the 2022 Wearable Art Gala, one of the items up for bidding was a VIP package to Beyoncé’s not-yet-officially-announced Renaissance World Tour. The package included two first-class international United Airlines Polaris tickets, a three-night stay at a Marriott hotel, two tickets to the tour in a city of their choice, and a backstage experience with Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson. The craziest part? Reports say that the bidding for this prize went up to $150,000.

This has gotten the Bey-hive buzzing around the idea of the queen going back on tour. Rumors have swirled around but nothing has yet been confirmed. However, it has been quite some time since the “Cuff It” singer has been on tour. So to prepare you, here are 5 iconic moments to get you ready for the Renaissance World Tour.

2006 BET Awards

Of course we have to start with one of Beyoncé’s most iconic performances. Although this wasn’t her first performance as a solo artist, it was one that solidified her spot in the industry. Additionally, this was one of the first performances she had with her then rumored boyfriend, Jay-Z. Fans went wild when the rapper gave Bey a little love tap on the booty while he was rapping. She had no background dancers and no gimmicks; just her skill, her band and that iconic chrome two piece.

Meeting Her Husband (Who Took Her Name)

Mister Anthony Cosby-Knowles may ring a bell to the true Bey stans in the building. While performing “Say My Name” during her “I Am World Tour” she asked a fan to tell her his name. Without hesitation, he answered his name and proved to the singer that his last name was indeed Knowles by handing her his I.D. She asks if he is her cousin, just to find out that apparently he was her husband and he took her last name! He then proceeded to sing the song back to the queen.

Confirming Pregnancy Rumors At The MTV VMAs

The 2011 MTV VMAs was a night to remember. At the time, rumors were going around that the singer was pregnant, but in true Beyoncé fashion, she said nothing to confirm or deny the accusations. Also in true Beyoncé form, she expressed her truth through her skill. She took. to the stage at the Video music Awards and laid it all out on the table. After absolutely dominating those notes at the end of “Love On Top,” she dropped the mic and unbuttoned her blazer to really her bump. She then rubbed it to let everyone in the audience and at home “yep, I’m preggo.”

Absolutely Upstaging Jay-Z On HIS Song

At the 2015 Tidal X: 1020 charity event, stars lined up to perform hits to support the music streamer’s efforts. Beyonce took this as an opportunity to show that she can deliver more than the 150% she gives us on a regular basis. When performing “Holy Grail” with Jay-Z (originally sung by Justin Timberlake), she undeniably stole the show. Her rockstar energy was no match for Jay-Z’s “cool guy” persona. There were even a few times when fans visibly saw Jay take a step back to make sure his wife was okay, as if her performance was not at all what they rehearsed.


In 2018, Beyonce changed the game by bringing an HBCU feel to the Coachella music festival. The first night of her  performance was attended by 125,000 festival-goers, with many describing it as a historic body of work fromt he artist. It became the most tweeted about performance of weekend one, as well as the most watched live Coachella performance and the most watched live performance on YouTube of all time. The show even paid homage to HBCU culture by featuring a live band with over 100 dancers. Destiny’s Child reunited during the show and even her sister Solange, joined her own stage for a dance break!