Get into all of this wonderful Black Girl Magic as you check out some of my favorite yogi Instagram accounts. These ladies are sure to bless your IG feed with everything that you never knew you needed!

  1. Faith Hunter – @spirituallyfly

Faith Hunter is a global yoga instructor that takes you on a journey of her life in yoga, spirituality, and even as a naturalista. Follow her page if you enjoy yoga and meditation tips or feedback on natural hair and body products.

  1. Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts – @Chelsea loves yoga 

Reconnecting with some of the first meditation practices I learned from my beloved teacher, Swami Jaya Devi while I'm here in Barbados. ••••••••• This is a great moving meditation for those starting a meditation practice. It offers opportunity to focus on prana (the breath or energy in general). •••••••• Begin with hands in prayer as you inhale. On the in-breath, lead with fingertips facing up and bring forearms and eventually wrists together as you come into pedestal mudra. This movement represents receiving. This is a great chance to connect with your Beloved. As you exhale, lead with the elbows and glide through touching palms and then fingertips. This represents surrender or offering. Move through this exercise with the eyes closed really focusing the breath with the movement.✨ Observe the changes that begin to move through your body and breath. ••••••• I will be sharing more meditations and asana practices in October here in Barbados with friend and colleague, @rossoscarknight @rossyoga

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Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an ATL-based yoga instructor and founder of Yoga, Literature, & Art Camp at Spelman College. Her page is full of inspirational pictures of girls from her camp and other community events.

  1. Dianne Bondy – @diannebondyyoga

Brave spaces versus safe spaces? In brave spaces we are not free from risk, harm, and controversy. We risk having our feelings hurt, or forced to look at ourselves critically, and we have difficult conversations. Brave spaces are where we have difficult conversations. We don't shy away from possibility being hurt and uncomfortable, and we learn that we may be triggered. We don't define the ways in which people share their hurt feelings and their fears . Authentic conversations sometimes offer the risk difficulty and controversy and these are not words that we equate with safety. Brave spaces can be difficult, but brave spaces change the world. #yogaforalltraining #WhataYogiLooksLike #EveryBodyBends #PropItUp #digitalconference @yogaservice @mplsyogaconference @yogasteya @amber_karnes @ybicoalition @yoga_international @lineagewear

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Dianne Bondy is a yoga teacher and activist. She is an advocate for Yoga For All, a program designed to create body-positive yoga classes for all shapes, sizes and abilities. Her account documents her personal yoga practice as well as tips for yogis of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Jessamyn Stanley – @mynameisjessamyn or @jessamynstanley

This life I'm living is absolutely nuts. One minute my roommate and I are standing in the midst of a raging shit storm, helping pull our loved ones out of extremely murky life circumstances, the next minute I'm hopping a flight to New York for a top secret photo shoot. And I know I'm expected to be like "oh man, fuck all that noise back home bc I'm in a swanky hotel with soft ass bathrobes" but it doesn't really work that way. As much as I'm present up here, my life back home is still at the forefront of my mind. Honestly, all this location hopping is ample space for mindfulness practice- this is the area of my practice where I struggle the most, actually being present in the moment. Not thinking about the future or the past. I know I'm not alone here- it's so hard to savor the present moment. Even though, frankly, what's the effing point of living out loud if I'm hell bent on staying stuck in the past/future? That being said, I'm extremely excited about all the new projects on the horizon- in fact, I'm itching to blab about what's going down tomorrow but I think someone might pop a contractual cap in my ass if I do so I'll try to keep my trap shut. If you want to catch snippets from this trip in real time, follow me on snapchat- I'm @mynameisjessamy over there! For those who asked, via Twitter, Snap, Facebook, and elsewhere, I'm not teaching yoga classes during this NYC trip. I promise I'll be back soon! And for others who asked, I am definitely attending the @ShortyAwards but not during this trip. Speaking of which, I still need an outfit for the show and the @monifcplussizes jumpsuit I was lusting after is no longer available in my size. WHY DID I WAIT TIL THE LAST MINUTE. Umm, because I'm me. That's why. No matter where I am on the globe, I stay working on my #hollowback #handstand game. This shit keeps me so sane, I can't even tell you. #jessjetset Leggings- @rainbeaucurves Top- @forever21

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Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher, body positive advocate and writer. Her accounts document her personal yoga practice as well as her journey as a teacher. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to go against what society deems normal.

  1. Latham Thomas – @glowmaven

Latham Thomas is a yoga teacher, doula, author and founder of Mama Glow. If you want beautiful imagery and tips on living a soulful balanced life, follow Latham’s page.