Natural hair is notorious for being time-consuming. Although some girls have hours to dedicate to their hair, many naturalistas are more low maintenance and always on the go. Here are some hair care tips that are perfect for your lovely lazy lifestyle without cutting any corners.

Deep condition on the go

After hours of detangling, pre-pooing, conditioning, and shampooing, there is nothing appealing about sitting under a hooded dryer for an extra hour. Save that time by deep conditioning on the go. Place your hair-masque-covered tresses in a plastic cap or grocery bag. This will naturally generate enough heat to allow the deep conditioner to moisturize your hair.

Then, to make sure the cap lays flat and is as concealed as possible, tie a satin scarf tightly around the plastic for extra security. Grab an earthy turban or trendy dad cap and tuck everything underneath it. Now you’re free to run errands or head to class without disrupting your wash day routine. Just be sure to wash it out in a few hours.

Weightless Braids in Under Two Hours

Protective styles and lazy naturals are a match made in heaven. Not only do they effortlessly protect hair from breakage, but they also require very little styling time. Box braids are cute, but they can be super heavy and take forever to do. The same look can be achieved hassle-free by using crochet braids.

Braid your hair, or have a stylist do it for you, in a crochet pattern that leaves out the perimeter of your hair. Take some crochet prebraided individual box braids and sew them in as you normally would. To hide the crocheted look, create box braids with your leave out and synthetic braiding hair.

This gives you the same look as getting your hair braided for hours but in half that time. Also, the crocheted hair is way lighter than actual braids, so there is less weight pulling on your hair.

The Wet Version of Dry Shampoo

It’s easy to procrastinate wash day, but the more it gets put off, the more grime and gunk piles on your scalp. Some use dry shampoo to buy them some extra time before cleaning their hair. However, for girls with natural hair this often just dries out their hair and creates even more product build-up.

Instead, create a quick DIY wet shampoo that’s designed for black hair. Apple cider vinegar is an all-natural cleaning agent every naturalista should have in her arsenal. Dilute it with water in a spray bottle and add a few drops of a light oil for added moisture. This mixture isn’t a replacement for washing your hair, but it gives you a few extra shampoo-less days.


Whether you're avoiding detangling your hair, don’t feel like styling it or just think updos are cute, buns can be a lifesaver. Shorter hair seems harder to pull into a bun. Girls with TWAs can easily create the illusion of a bun by using an oversized hair elastic to create a puff. Feel free to gel down the front or play with your baby hairs if you like. Then take a second hair elastic and secure it over the ends.

Another way to fake a bigger bun is to use hair extensions. Pull your hair into a sleek high ponytail. Then take a pack of marley hair that matches your hair color and bobby pin one end of it to your hair. Wrap it around your ponytail and then add extra bobby pins for added security.

Buy a Satin Pillow Case

It’s easy to forget to put on a scarf at night, but bonnets and durags help protect black hair from breakage and dryness. Rather than lose your edges, invest in a satin pillowcase. It provides the same benefits because it’s made from the same material as a scarf. Even if you’re too lazy to grab a bonnet, you can still sleep soundly knowing that your hair is still intact.

Kinky hair can require a little extra love and care, but it’s worth it. Save time on your routine and continue to rock your effortless carefree curls.