If you’ve been struggling to find alternatives for hair products, try using some of these natural oils. They’re cheap, relatively easy to find, and lack all of the chemicals found in store-bought hair products. Here are five natural oils to use in your hair, as well as their benefits:  

Coconut Oil

Photo: Wikicommons

Coconut oil can: 

  • – Prevent dandruff

  • – Help prevent split ends

  • – Prevent hair loss

  • – Help your hair retain moisture

  • – Be used as an alternative to conditioner 

When you buy coconut oil, make sure it’s unrefined or virgin! The process of refining the oil can strip it of some of its nutrients and properties, making the whole thing somewhat pointless.

Jojoba Oil

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Jojoba oil can: 

  • – Regulate sebum production

  • – Keep your scalp clean

  • – Fight scalp infections

  • – Promote hair growth

Jojoba oil’s chemical structure mimics that of sebum, the natural oil found on our scalps. Because of this, it’s readily accepted by the scalp and can help to promote hair growth as well as remove unwanted residue from your hair. Try using jojoba oil by mixing it in with your shampoo or conditioner. 

Castor Oil

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Castor oil can:

  • – Strengthen your hair

  • – Smooth your hair

  • – Prevent hair loss and hair thinning

Castor oil has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, and the antioxidants in castor oil support your hair’s keratin, which can reduce frizz and make your hair stronger! Unrefined and hexane-free castor oil works the best. 

Rosemary Essential Oil

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Rosemary essential oil can:

  • – Promote hair growth

  • – Reduce graying

  • – Fight dandruff

  • – Prevent baldness

Rosemary is more than just an herb in your kitchen! Try massaging the oil onto your scalp after you shower or mixing it into products you already use.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Cedarwood essential oil can:

  • – Slow hair loss

  • – Prevent hair growth

  • – Help reduce dry or flaky scalps

    Cedarwood promotes blood circulation in the scalp and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Again, try massaging the oil into your scalp after you shower, or mix it into products you already use.