Meal kit delivery offerings are still serving busy millennials who work hard and want to eat good. The rise in plant-based and gluten-free eating habits has also impacted the meal kit world too. More and more, foodies are showing interest in picking plant-based or gluten-free options.

Meal kits are affordable, creative, and super convenient. Having boxed ingredients or pre-made food delivered to your door helps to promote day-to-day balance. If you’re curious about how to eat vegan or gluten-free meals, meal kits may be your answer. Consider them your entry into preparing dishes that fit into these categories without having to scroll through TikTok to find a recipe you think might be tasty. If you’re already gluten-free and/or plant-based then these meal kit suggestions may widen your chances of discovering delicious meals.

Plant-based & gluten-free meal kits to try

Splendid Spoon

Photo Courtesy of Splendid Spoon

Think grain bowls, smoothies, soups, noodles and more. Splendid Spoon is a great option for those who want no-fuss healthy food options. The pre-portioned meals as well as the boxed ingredients make nutritious food taste good. The ‘Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner’ plan offers 21 plant-based meals to choose from. Plans come with a gluten-free option too. Some plans also offer a Reset option which allows for you to tailor the plan in line with digestive irregularities or simply to focus on gut health. Prices start at $10 a meal.

Purple Carrot

$11 per serving
Photo Courtesy of Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a 100 percent plant-based meal delivery option that is high-scoring in the outside-the-box vegan delivery department. The recipes are flavorful and take inspiration from around the world. Some meals options include the ‘Mushroom-Walnut Tacos Dorados’ and the ‘Japanese Gnocchi’. Purple Carrot makes it super easy to see which options are gluten-free, high protein and low calorie too. Prices start at $11 a meal.

Hello Fresh

$70.93 for six servings per week
Photo Courtesy of Hello Fresh

One of the most popular meal kit delivery services is doing great things for plant-based and gluten-free foodies. Titled as ‘America’s most popular meal kit’, Hello Fresh knows how to pass easy-to-follow recipes off as top-quality tasting dishes. It’s even easier to see which options are gluten-free with the labeling on their weekly menus. One example of a recipe typically loved by Hello Fresh users is the orange and cashew chicken stir-fry. Hello Fresh offers more than thirty fresh recipes every week. Note that Hello Fresh is not certified as gluten-free but does offer gluten-free options. It may be a great choice for someone experimenting with a gluten-free diet.


from $10 per serving
Photo Courtesy of Sunbasket

You can bet on Sunbasket to deliver high-quality and organic food to your door, every single delivery. The farm-fresh standard is what keeps this service on the top of the nation’s list of meal kits. Sunbasket delivers weekly which helps meal planning run smooth and on autopilot. The Fresh & Ready option comes with single-serve meals and several gluten-free choices that you can heat in the oven or microwave in just a few minutes. Prices start at $12 for meal kits and $10 per meal.

Green Chef

$12.99 per serving
Photo Courtesy of Green Chef

Green Chef is the first CCOF-Certified Organic meal kit company and is certifiable gluten-free. There are more than thirty weekly options, all tasty and creative enough to fend off any boredom prepping meals. The chef-crafted recipes are pretty hard to resist too. The boxes come with fresh produce and, to speed things up in the kitchen even further, many of the ingredients have been chopped or come as homemade sauces. Waste no time contemplating your next meal with Green Chef’s nutritionists-approved recipes that truly pack a punch. Prices start from $12 a meal.

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