Let’s face it, sis. You check your social media more than you check your bank account. You know who went where with who because you saw it on Instagram. You know so and so just had their baby shower because you saw it on Facebook. And you know your ex is up because he sent out a tweet 20 minutes ago. 

When considering how much time you spend on social media a day, you might consider the habit more of an addiction. 

According to MediaKix, the average person spends about 2 hours a day on social media. As of 2018, Science Direct found that 3.1 billion people — roughly one-third of the global population — actively are on social media and 210 million people suffer from addiction to social media. However, another Science Direct study found that young single females are addicted to social media more than any other group! 

Now, if you’re still in denial on whether you’re addicted to social media or not, Addiction Resource says some signs of social media addiction include, sharing every detail of your life on social media (including food), knowing everything about people you barely know in real life, feeling down due to life comparisons with social media personas, and feeling naked whenever you’re away from your phone.

If all four signs applied to you, don’t beat yourself up. Just admit that you indeed have an addiction to social media. Despite the harsh reality, your strong connection to social media can be treated just like any other addiction. Below are some productive ways to combat your addiction to social media. 

Turn Off Notifications or Delete The Apps Off Your Phone

Turning off your social media notifications or deleting the apps from your phone entirely will surely aid you in fighting your addiction. Notifications are made to prompt you to take action within a particular app. By allowing notifications from your social media apps, you’ll constantly get sucked and pulled back into the very thing you’re trying to fight. Make the conscious decision to disable notifications and alerts from your social media pages and you’ll be less tempted to check your timeline. 

By deleting the apps from your phone entirely, it won’t delete or disable your account, it just prevents you from getting the urge to check your Instagram or Facebook page so often. If you decide to fast or take a break from social media for a period of time, try deleting the apps from your phone and see how much easier it makes your hiatus. 

Limit Time Spent on Social Media

If you’re still not ready to go completely cold turkey, practice your self-control by limiting the time you spend on social media. If you know you typically spend 2-3 hours of your day on social media (or more), limit your daily usage to just one hour. Set a timer on your phone so you know when your time's up and commit to the process. 

Get A New Hobby

Try getting a new hobby that will occupy the time you would usually spend online. Read a self-empowerment book, workout at the gym or at home (Youtube workout videos are life), or try a new recipe. 

There are plenty of other activities that you actually enjoyed doing before social media came into your life. Get back to the true essence of who you are during this period of self-reflection. Your new hobby might even lead you to become a social media influencer instead of a social media consumer.

Pick Up The Phone And Call A Family Member or Friend

Your mama was your first follower in life, sis. How about giving her a call instead of scrolling through your timeline and checking on people who didn’t even wish you a Happy Birthday. Facetime your bestie and fill her in on your new journey to fighting your social media addiction. Maybe she’ll join the experience with you. 

Use the time you would typically spend on social media to call or text a bunch of friends and family members. You might check up on someone who felt alone and your text was just what they needed to be reminded that they are loved. So try getting off social media and get in touch with your loved ones. A phone call or text goes a long way. 

Go Hang Out With Friends

Now more than ever, young adults are opting to stay inside rather than go out and socialize. A 2018 study by Mintel found that almost three in 10 (28 percent) young adults aged 24 to 31 prefer to sip alcohol at home because “it takes too much effort to go out.”

Don’t get caught up in the trend of staying inside. Put on a cute outfit and hit up a local lounge for some wings and drinks like young adults did in the 90s. Invite some of your friends and be open to making some new friends. We’re sure you’re going to upload a few drunk snaps to your Instagram Story but don’t spend time checking how many people viewed them or who slid into your DMs with the “Hey big head” vibes.


Overcoming your addiction to social media will take determination and willpower. But it’ll be totally worth it, sis. All the time you spend scrolling through timelines can be spent refocusing and centering yourself towards achieving your goals and dreams. Why watch a celebrity or social media influencer live their best life when you could be living yours?!

You may start to feel anxious after going 24 hours without social media. But you’ll soon realize that those updates you were once so consumed with, don’t even matter. 

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