The feeling of purchasing a new item can be euphoric. Who does not enjoy the feeling of grabbing a new pair of jeans or giving your closet a refresh as the seasons change? There’s nothing better than the moment when you click “add to cart” on a long-awaited purchase from your favorite brands. While treating yourself to a shopping extravaganza is a good mode of self-care, you shouldn’t always splurge on something new.  

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new item.

Does This Item Bring Me Joy When I am Wearing It? 

Next time you are in a store and decide to try on something, take time to consider whether or not the outfit brings you joy. It’s easy to shop on impulse. It’s important to consider your reasoning behind purchasing something before you swipe your card. You will thank yourself later.

Do I Already Own Something Similar? If so, Would This Replace It?

Another great question to consider is whether you own something similar. While it might be tempting to buy something in every color, do you really need that? Every year, 92 million tonnes of textile waste is produced. That’s equivalent to a dumpster trunk of textiles ending up in a landfill every second. Consider whether or not you are overconsuming or if purchasing a new item will rightfully take the place of an older item.

Would I Have to Purchase Something Else to Make This Item Wearable?

Imagine trying on something you like, but it does not quite work. It’s a little too baggy or it’s sheer, so it requires you purchase something else to make it work. Consider whether you need to purchase additional items to make one piece of clothing wearable. If so, you might want to skip it this time around.

Does it Match My Personal Style or is This a Trend?

While fashionistas love a new trend, not every trend is for you. Before you purchase that new, trendy item, ask yourself if you truly love it. If you are purchasing something to simply keep up with Joneses, then you might reconsider.

Can I See Myself Wearing This a Year From Now?

When looking at your closet, think of the big picture. You should purchase time capsule pieces that can be worn for years to come. Fast fashion items are made from materials that wear out quickly and are soon thrown away. Trendy items go out of style, but timeless pieces can be worn for a long time.