In full honesty, it’s honestly hard to tell who’s “The One” at first. We have to go through endless amounts of dates, ask an endless amount of questions, and ultimately get to the core root of who people truly are, which takes months if not years to receive that knowledge and insight. Although it can be hard to tell who “The One” truly is, it’s easier to tell who the one isn't, which in turn, can actually help us cut through the bullshit and help us get down to the nitty-gritty of the truth. 

Sometimes people come into our lives for a lifetime, and others come only for a season. Either or is perfectly fine as it’s important to get to know other people through the process of dating, though painful the reality of it actually is. We meet someone, hit it off almost instantly, and then boom, either we’re ghosted or somehow the relationship falls apart completely. In these experiences, though as painful as they can be, are huge opportunities for growth and that can help bring us one step closer to the person we’re actually meant to be with. 

Here are five reasons why you won't ever have to question if he’s the one ever again and how to ultimately get through the excruciating process of dating. 

You both are compatible 

Let me start off by saying this. Chemistry is not compatibility. Yes, it’s nice to have that fiery connection where it feels as though time flies between you both, however, that only means so much if you aren't compatible with one another. 

There is respect between you two 

Respect is the key in any relationship, and if your partner holds true respect for you in and outside of the relationship, this is a great way to know that you can trust and feel safe with them for the long run. 

You have a mind, body, and soul connection 

Sexual relationships are nice, but are rarely ever built off of a stable foundation. Feeling a mind, body, and soul connection means that you feel this person on every level, and that you two might have known each other before. 

You see similar futures together 

Having similar futures, goals, and lifestyles is a great way to build a steady and stable relationship. If the two of you share similar lifelong goals of where you want to go next, this can definitely be a huge green flag for you moving forward. 

You both are willing to go through the highs and lows to make it work 

In life there are always going to be moments that can test us and our relationships. If this person is willing to work with you to ensure the success of a relationship, you’ve definitely got someone that’s in it for the long run. In a gist, once we meet someone and sparks immediately fly, most people can automatically think that person is “The One,” however, it takes more than just fiery romance to make anything work. The one for you will never really have you questioning anything, and that’s how you’ll truly know if you’ve met your forever person.