Having a round bottom has been a desire for many of us. Some of us naturally have it, others buy it and some of us prefer to achieve the results with a little effort. However you get your desired bottom is perfectly fine as long as you are happy and content with your results. If you would like to try a few exercises to achieve your glorious bottom or to tighten the one you’ve been blessed with, keep reading.


This is a favorite exercise of mine because you use your core and hips to complete the motion. With feet spread shoulder length apart, sit into a deep squat placing the kettle bell in between your legs. As you rise, swing the kettle bell forward. Return to a seated squat position and that is one rep. You want yo do three sets of fifteen. Alternating which arm you swing can be helpful. This movement is all about form so keeping your form together will improve your desired results.


Your body weight is all you need. Find the nearest set of stairs and get to work. Step on the inclined area using one leg to stabilize your form. With the free leg, lift your knee towards your chest. Your quads should be at a 45 degree angle. Bring your leg back down into position. Each leg should do 20 reps per set. Three to four sets are recommended. To increase intensity, increase the speed in which you step up. If balance is an issue, incorporate your hands as if you are running. 


Squats are the gift that keeps on giving. 

This exercise tightens the core as well as your flutes , quads and hamstrings. Jump squats also help with the knee stability. Place feet shoulder length apart, bend knees and get into a deep squat. As you prepare to return to your start position, accelerate into a jump pushing forward. Each set should contain at least 12-15 reps. Do at minimum three sets.


Stand with feet apart. With one leg being used as the stable base, slowly take the appropriate weight from the start position to your waist and back to the start position. Alternate legs. Three sets of 12 reps on each leg should have your derrière popping.


Take a towel or mat and lay it on the floor. Lay with your back on the floor. Place band around thighs. With knees bent upward and feet flat, lift your bottom until your derrière forms a straight angled line from your knees.


Toning your core will make your body appear bootylicious. When you finish your glute bridges, sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Take a 15 lb weight, holding it about 12 inches from your chest. Turn from left to right or right to left, with weight extended and do 20 on each side.