Human relationships are never easy, and disagreements are bound to happen at some point. While conflict is eventually bound to happen in every thriving relationship, certain words are off the table. Here are a few things you should never say in a heated argument.

“You always…”

Starting an argument with "you always" or "you never" comes off as accusatory and immediately makes your partner feel like putting up a fight. Instead of saying "you," consider swapping it out with "I feel" or "I think." Putting it that way will deescalate the situation.

 “How pathetic can you be?”

Calling someone "pathetic" can be the fastest way to make them feel incompetent and less than who they are. It can be a demeaning thing to hear from someone that you love. Insults can only escalate a fight, and it is important to remain respectful at all times to maintain the integrity of your relationship.

“Maybe we should just break up.”

It can be hard not to make an angry statement in the middle of an argument. While most people say rash things when arguing with their partners, making important decisions at the height of anger is always a bad idea. Breaking up in the middle of a nasty brawl is not a good time to call it quits. 

“We need a break.”

Just like asking for a breakup during a fight, it is also not the best idea to suggest a break during an argument unless you genuinely mean it. If your partner takes you seriously and actually gives you what you want, it could spell doom to your relationship.

"This is what you did when…"

Although you may be forced to rehash an incident that happened years ago, this is not always the most productive route to take. Bringing up the past can make your partner feel defensive and guilty. Avoid bringing up the past as much as you can. Instead, calmly try discussing how their past actions may be affecting you now.