TikTok is taking the beauty industry by storm. Whether you are a fan of the platform or just love beauty hacks, here are some ideas to try.

Skin Slugging

Although Black women have been Skin Slugging for decades, TikTok has mainstreamed the process, and many people now swear by the process. Dermatologists have sworn by this skin routine for years, and more people are starting to infuse it into their skincare process while showcasing their results on TikTok. Skin Slugging is the process of applying an occlusive such as Vaseline on their skin, as a process of sealing in moisture into the skin. The process is most effective when it is done overnight.

Hair Slugging

Hair Slugging is also a trend that many Black women were a part of years before now, but TikTok has made it increasingly popular. Hair slugging is similar to skin slugging and involves using oil to lock in moisture overnight. For Hair Slugging to be effective, the oil-slugged hair has to be wrapped in a bonnet or tube for maximum moisture.


Red Undertoned Hair

Copper-toned hair is in this season, and thanks to TikTok reddish tones are all in. Black women have especially embraced the copper-hair trend this season, and TikTok has a lot to do with that. The hashtag #copperhair on Instagram has over a millions of posts and views on TikTok, with many people showing their hair color transitions.


Everyone kept asking how i did these 😭 they’re fairly simple #poodlepuffs #bubblebraids #copperhair #gingerhair #fall #protectivestyles

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TikTok has admittedly made a lot of beauty movements and raves appealing, and #crystaltok is one of them. This beauty trend has become popular, especially because skincare retail giants have vastly publicized it. #crystaltok comes in rose-quartz gua sha tools and germanium facial massagers by helping blood flow in the face and relaxing the muscles to increase circulation and add an extra layer of glow to the skin.


Therapists say that it is always important to keep our inner child alive, and TikTok’s Kidcore makeup brand is an excellent resource. The playful aesthetic pays an ode to Y2K and is a down-to-earth, happy-go-lucky trend that is vibrant, colorful, and young at heart. With vibrant neon hues and bold lines, Kidcore is the perfect aesthetic to embody for main character energy.