As the first born daughter of legends, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, you are already destined for greatness at birth. Blue Ivy has consistently made it clear that not only is she filled with greatness but that she runs the show. “What show?” you might ask. To put it simply, the show is Beyoncé, Jay-Z and frankly, the entire planet. Here are 5 times Blue Ivy proved that she really is the boss.

Bidding $80,000 On Diamond Earrings At The Wearable Art Gala

The princess’ most recent act of boss activity was just over the weekend at the Wearable Art Gala. Her grandmother, Tina Knowles, decided to auction off the diamond earrings she wore to the gala and Blue Ivy absolutely had to get her hands on them. At the very last call for a bid higher than 75k, the 10 year old was seen waving her paddle to place an 80k bid on the accessory. However, she was outbid by Monique Rodriguez, founder of Mielle Organics, with a $105,000 bid.

Winning Her First Grammy For “Brown Skin Girl”

Last year, at just 9 years old, the princess took steps towards walking in her parents musical greatness. She received her first Grammy for best music video for “Brown Skin Girl,” making her the second youngest to win a Grammy ever.

“Never Seen A Celling In My Whole Life”

Winning a Grammy wasn’t Blue Ivy’s only step in the music industry. In 2018, the young mogul released her very first freestyle. With bars like “Never seen a ceiling in my whole life,” “Everything with sequins” and “Boom shakalaka” she has secured her spot amongst rap greats.

Hushing Her Parents When They’re Too Loud

While pop artist Camilla Cabello was presenting at the 2018 Grammy awards, Jay-Z and Beyoncé were eager to clap at a point when no one else was clapping. To save them from embarrassment, the gracious princess had to hush the couple. She was seen on camera telling both of them, one at a time, to practically calm down. She then went about her business, enjoying the rest of the night.

Telling Beyoncé About Herself On The Red Carpet


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At the 2016 VMAs, Beyoncé graced the NYC red carpet and brought her manager, Blue Ivy, with her. While getting press pictures, Blue Ivy seemed to be fed up with her client, Beyoncé. She gave Bey a few inaudible words, some hand gestures and a very not-happy face. The matter was quickly resolved and the two continued down to the awards show.