Jhené Aiko is making headlines after the city of Los Angeles granted her the title of ambassador for the Mental Health Is Health cause. As a long-time advocate for raising and spreading awareness of issues regarding mental health, the announcement is fitting for the famous singer and songwriter.

Aiko has opened up about her battle with anxiety and depression in an effort to use her platform to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health. She even wrote a book of poems entitled “2Fish: (a poetry book)” that dives into self-reflection and emotional development.

In 2017, she released her autobiographical album, “Trip,” that detailed her experience battling grief after losing her beloved brother, Miyagi Chilombo to cancer. And in an empowering Instagram post following the announcement of her new ambassadorship, she writes, “I will continue to share my mental health journey and well-being practices through my poetry and music in hopes to help others on their mental health journey 💙”

Aside from being a fierce proponent of mental health causes, Jhené Aiko is a deeply spiritual individual with a quiet, unassuming nature. She serenades her fans with her light and whimsical voice and heavy, robust lyrics but the famous singer is more than just her angelic voice and demeanor.

While she’s famous for her calm and soothing persona, Aiko shows fans that there’s a big, bold personality nestled somewhere in between her multifaceted personality. From her daring fashion choices to fiery tweets, Aiko proves that she’s a strong and powerful woman. Let’s take a look at five of Jhené Aiko’s best moments from early in her career until now:


That Time She Stunned on Disney’s Red Carpet


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In 2021, Jhené Aiko attended the premiere of Disney’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings at the El Capital Theater in Los Angeles. The premiere marked Marvel’s first-ever Asian superhero movie so plenty of celebs joined the cast in celebrating the milestone film. Jhené Aiki joined rapper, Swaelee, to create a love song for the movie called “In the Dark.” Aiko looked absolutely regal on the red carpet in her luminous, embroidered “Gaia” gown designed by Iris Van Herpen as part of his spring 2021 collection. She completed the look with modest pieces of jewelry and a pair of gorgeous ear cuffs.


That Time She Showed Her Vulnerability

Jhené Aiko has always spoken candidly about her struggle with addiction and sobriety, particularly surrounding her brother’s 2012 passing. In an Instagram post, she opens up about an eye-opening experience that taught her to love herself. She writes that she was initially feeling “so renewed, enlightened and like I was on the right path to proper healing” following her visit to the Maui Healing Center a couple of days prior. Later that night, her head began to hurt and she started vomiting blood. She describes her battle with the pain and still, her addiction. “So much pain,” she details, “BUT, I promised myself…no more pills!! EVER!” In keeping her promise to herself, Aiko retreated to bed saying “so i closed my eyes and took 3 deep breaths that turned into morning.” She mentions having thought that there was peace in death, but this time, she was “happy to be alive” upon waking up from the sobering moment from the previous night. It gave her a newfound appreciation for life, pushing her to go on a hike to explore nature and bathing in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. “It felt like a baptism of some sort. never too late to start again. never too late to get better.”


That Time She Lit up Coachella


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Jhené Aiko surprised fans at Coachella when her on-and-off boyfriend and rapper, Big Sean, introduced her to the stage to perform their popular singles “Beware” and “I Know”. While the Twenty88 duo’s performance drew praise from fans, her fashion choices truly stole the show. Aiko posted a series of photographs of her in her Coachella 2022 outfits. In one post, she posed in front of an enchanted garden, decorated in a Vetements two-piece skirt and cropped top. She completed the look with a sparkling colorful jacket, glittering over-the-knee socks, and knee-high platform boots. Her hair was braided and pulled up into a top bun for an alluring, fairy-like fashion moment.


That Time She Clapped Back at Critics

Jhené Aiko, although known for her tranquil demeanor, wants to let critics know she’s not the one to mess with. To the surprise of her many fans, the singer clapped back at critics who criticized her Hot 97 Summer Jam performance. In 2014, when Aiko performed some of her hit songs like “The Worst” and “Stay Ready (What A Life),” critics took shots at the star, calling her voice and performance lackluster.
The usually calm singer with an angelic voice briefly stepped out of character to fire back at haters in a series of Tweets, boldly reminding them that she’s not here to impress them, but her fans. “I don’t do it for you ! I do it for the lovers !” she writes. “Next time… YOU get on the stage and do it better ! FOH!”


That Time She Shut Down the Super Bowl

In 2022, Jhené Aiko performed as the opening act for the Super Bowl LVI championship game to the delight of her many fans. Accompanied by a harpist, the Los Angeles native sang the classic song “America the Beautiful” to a stadium full of thousands of listeners. After her performance, the audience erupted with applause while social media buzzed over her angelic voice. In a social media post thanking the NFL and fans, she explained her intentions behind her version of the song. “yesterday we sang “America the Beautiful” in the key of F, to bring healing and harmony to heart centers of all those in need and open to receive 🥰 eternal love.”