Singer-songwriter and multitalented artist, SZA, has seemingly come out as a lesbian in a recent Twitter post. When a user brings to her attention a TikTok video suggesting that she’s a lesbian, she confirms by replying “It’s not wrong lol.” While many fans praised her for her honesty in coming out, others speculated that she was simply seeking attention. Whatever the case, this is not the first time that SZA has made major waves on the internet.

The singer and songwriter, who received critical acclaim for her debut studio album Ctrl, is no stranger to making headlines. Her anticipated Crocs collaboration drew attention from fans when celebrity socialite and television personality, Kim Kardashian, took to Instagram to post a pair that she received as part of a PR package. In the post, fans can see a pair of faux wood grain Crocs and slides, both adorned with SZA-inspired charms like a friendship bracelet, the recycling symbol, and an evil eye.

While many are praising the star’s new collection, others are more concerned about when her next album is dropping. In an announcement at the 2022 Grammy awards show, she announced her album was finally finished and would be debuting coming soon. “It’s probably my most unisex project yet, if that makes sense,” she reported. “It’s for everyone.”

Although the “I Hate U” singer is mostly known for making entrancing music, many of her biggest fans know that she’s also a funny, relatable, eccentric personality. Part of the reason why she has obtained such a large cult-like following is due to her relatability and accepting her quirkiness. Let’s take a look at some of SZA’s best moments when she understood the assignment, and delivered accordingly.


That Time She Lit up in Electric Blue


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When it comes to fashion and style, SZA has always been a leader rather than a follower. The fashion-forward star has been stirring interest when it comes to her hair, fashion, and overall aesthetic since she first stepped onto the scene. Not much has changed since then, with SZA constantly serving the girls her best looks everywhere she’s seen. In a 2020 Instagram post, SZA posted a series of photos featuring her wearing an electric blue hairstyle. In the photos, she can be seen wearing multiple outfits that compliment the style ranging from a sexy, blue tie-dye string bikini to a casual tank top and cargo pants. Her post, captioned “Smurfette 🦋🔵🐳🚙🥏🦕🌀” references the hit comic franchise “The Smurfs” that follows a colony of small, blue creatures that live in the forest. The post drew fans from all over, praising the the musician’s hair, and filling the comment section with little blue hearts.


That Time She Topped the Billboard Charts


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SZA delivered yet again with her hit song “Good Days”. This win marked her first solo record and third time ranking in the top ten of Billboard Hot 100 chart amongst other notable artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Morgan Wallen. The song debuted on the charts in its first week, shooting up to the number nine spot in its second week. Her excitement was palpable as she took to Instagram to post her gratitude to fans. She wrote, ”I never saw this coming and I’m so grateful I don’t know what to say. I never even been top ten on my own. Thank you beyond thank you for…bonding with me in ways only we can describe. I’m so grateful to be able to connect with anyone or share pain, love, joy, healing, or heart space with anybody.” As the second song she released from her greatly-anticipated sophomore album, “Good Days” held its Billboard ranking for 20 weeks before dropping off at the 21st week.


That Time She Put Herself First

Not one to shy away from expressing real, raw emotions on serious topics in her music, SZA gets deep in her song “Sobriety”. The song is a discussion about sobriety and the impact that addiction can have in one’s life. When a Twitter user asked how her sobriety was coming along, she announced that her experience had given her a greater sense of clarity. She writes, “My eyes be open my mind be alert .Lol my dreams are way less scary than when I first stopped .. now jus like long vibrant films”. Later, when another Twitter user asked her what was behind her decision to kick her habit, she simply responded, “Spiritual necessity.” If her social media timelime is any indication, SZA is a deeply-spiritual creative who’s constantly working on becoming her best self. She even met up with Sadhguru, famed Indian yoga guru and spirituality advocate. With mention of her newfound state of mind, fans are hopeful that this might mean even more creativity to come from the talented star.


That Time She Was Oh-So-Relatable

In a series of hilarious tweets from March 24, 2022, SZA writes about how her positive mood quickly turned sour upon finding out that her friend ate some food that she had been saving for later. She posted a gif of the notorious clip from Bad Girls Club alum, Tanisha Thomas, as she bangs a pan around the house in a fit of frustration and indignance towards her housemates. She reminds her fans in another Tweet that “Thick SZA is also HUNGRY SZA”. Whoever her friend was, must’ve gotten an earful from the talented singer-songwriter as she later posts a screenshot of her apologizing via text message. In the text, she writes “I had my chicken tender I’m nice again”.Fans took to the comment section to laugh about the situation, with some admitting to sharing in her pain and others jokingly calling for vengeance on her behalf. Her humorous post is just one of many that SZA writes in a display of her side-splitting, quirky personality.


That Time She Showed Up and Showed Out That Time She Showed Up and Showed Out at the Grammy’s

At the 2022 Grammy awards show, SZA was nominated for “Best Pop Duo or Group Performance” alongside Doja Cat for her feature in Doja’s hit song Kiss Me More. In one of their biggest industry moments to date, the pair won the award — a first for both women. Having previously fallen out of bed and hurt herself, SZA wore crutches throughout the night to keep her balance. Never one to disappoint, SZA worked her way onto the stage to collect her award, crutches in tow. Fans were surprised to see her wearing stilettos underneath her designer gown by Jean Paul Gaultier despite having injured herself. And in a touching display of affection, Lady Gaga, who was also nominated with legendary singer Tony Bennett for the same category, helped carry the train of SZA’s dress as she made her way up the stairs onto the stage. Later, SZA recalls the moment with Gaga, calling it “F*CKIN awesome.”