If you generally enjoy working out, but now you loathe it, consider changing things up a bit. You don't have to limit yourself to the same cardio workouts every morning or afternoon. One idea would be to watch some fantastic Youtube workout videos from Black women. Some of their videos don't always feature the standard aerobics workouts. Besides, there may be dance videos that add some flavor to your workout routine. Here are a few other ways to spice up your exercises.

Dance Away the Pounds

Dancing can burn plenty of pounds, so why not incorporate it into your workout routine? Check out the latest dance moves on Tik Tok or regular music videos, then spend a week trying to learn them. You can even get your family involved and teach them the new moves! Everyone can have a dance party in the basement, living room, or backyard. And don't just dance to one genre of music. Choose different ones such as Afro-pop, Brazilian samba, or jazz-funk.

Play Old-School Active Games With the Kids

Do you remember when most kids played outside games such as tag and hide-and-seek? Give your kids a retro childhood and play those old-school games with them. Many of those games involve plenty of running, jumping, and walking, so this would be a fun family workout. Also, you're teaching the kids the importance of exercise for good health.

Treadmill, Podcasts, and Chill

For those who love to listen to podcasts, don't do it while sitting on the couch. If you have a treadmill, put your favorite podcasts on and hang out on the treadmill for at least 45 minutes to an hour each day. This is better than laying around and snacking endlessly. 

Fitness Class with Friends

Are you tired of exercising alone? Then call your best friends and invite them to enroll in a fitness class that you can take together a few days out of the week. There is something about having others support your fitness goals that motivate you to keep going even when you're discouraged. It's also more exciting to work out with friends!