If you have recently started a new skincare routine, then you may be wondering when the results will kick in. The pandemic has caused many people to shift from focusing primarily on makeup, to developing skincare routines. If you have spent hours scouring the internet for the perfect serum or moisturizer and have settled into a rhythm but are not quite sure you are seeing the right results, here are a few warning signs that it may be time to find a new skincare routine.

Your Skin Feels Dry and Irritated

If after using a product for a few days or weeks, you feel that your skin feels irritated or dry, then your skin must be giving you a warning sign. If you notice that your skin is usually very sensitive, then it may be worth your while to do a patch test before you invest in a potentially expensive skincare product that won’t help you achieve the desired results.

Your Skin Flares Up

There are many reasons that can cause your skin to flare up. If the skincare product that you are using has heavy exfoliation acids in it, for example, then that can only aggravate your skin’s balance and cause it to flare up. Going heavy and overusing more than four products at the same time, can cause trouble.

Blocked Pores

To be effective, skin products need to clean your pores from the inside out. If after using certain products for a while, your skin feels heavy and your pores feel blocked. These two signs are signals that the product you are using is not compatible with your skin type.


Have you recently noticed that your skin looks discolored? Maybe some areas of your skin have dark patches compared to the rest of your body. Hyperpigmentation can happen when you are trying to use new skin products that are not working properly on your skin. If this happens often, consider patch testing new ingredients on the crease of your wrist the next time you want to buy another product. If the discoloration persists, then it is time to visit the nearest dermatologist.

Bumpy Acne

Persistent acne can indicate that you have an allergic reaction to the skincare product that you are using. Sometimes, using products that have fragrances can irritate your skin and cause acne. If this has happened to you, be careful how you treat it because popping it can cause permanent scars on your face.