According to The Urban Dictionary, The Law of Attraction is “The belief that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences and negative thoughts (i.e. the very cynical definition previously provided for this term) are magnets for negative life experiences.”

We have the power to manifest our dreams into reality and to essentially create the life we so desperately desire. Many celebrities have used The Law of Attraction to bring a huge amount of abundance, success, and prosperity within their own lives, including the notorious Beyoncé. Whether we realize it or not, we have the power to create our external reality, and it does in fact lie within our own hands. In order to dream it, you have to believe it, and here’s how Beyoncé has used the centuries-old philosophy to manifest the life of her dreams, and ways you can also take note of what’s inspired her own manifestations in the process. 

Your self-worth is determined by you and no one else 

Manifestation all starts with one thing. We have to first believe that we’re worthy of all that’s meant for us. If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we begin to create the life we truly want? Beyoncé’s use of The Law of Attraction, all started with how she viewed herself first. Once she started to believe that she was worthy and deserving of good things, good things then followed as a result. 

With confusion comes the help of God to assist you 

Life is rarely easy, and we can sometimes get confused when things may not work out how we originally envisioned them. By letting go and surrendering to God’s divine timing, you can then begin to release any negative patterns that are most likely holding you back. Always let go and let the universe work in your favor. It’s important to always back action with guided vision, as this will help you get one step closer to your goals and manifestations. 

Spread positivity 

Spreading positivity is an important aspect within all of our lives, as our vibrational points of frequency can only reach higher if we’re spreading good vibes in return. What we release will almost always return back to us, and Beyoncé’s success, abundance, and prosperity were all a result of her own energy and good vibes. 

Visualize every aspect of your desires 

Visualizing your dreams and desires is one of the most important concepts within The Law of Attraction. When we visualize our desires, we can then begin to attract them closer to us and in turn, create the life we really want. Visualizing is always a fun way to take on the process and can also help you to bring in your desires even quicker. 

Dream it to believe it

Seeing your visions manifest into reality is also a result of dreaming about them first. Beyoncé wouldn't have acquired the success she has if it weren't for her dreaming about her performances. Whether it was visioning the color of her stiletto to the choreography of her shows, her success followed suit after she believed that she already had it.