Body positivity is one of the best ways we can support ourselves, and one of the best ways we can hone in on women’s empowerment. Every day is a great way to highlight the women that are making an effort to help women feel more empowered and comfortable in their own skin, and here are a few body-positive brands to support this month and all of the rest. 


The Fitting Curve

Sisters, Kelly, Helene, and Stephanie are the owners and founders of The Fitting Curve, a brand that’s dedicated to helping women feel and look their best selves. These sisters are not only helping to reshape the image of body image, but are also dedicated to healing a limiting philosophy that inhibits Black women and women of color from feeling confident and empowered in reaching their fullest potential. The Fitting Curve is not only the perfect place to find a sexy lingerie set, but is also helping women battling Breast Cancer through a local partnership with The American Cancer Society.


Girlfriend Collective


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Shapewear shouldn’t cover-up, but should help to accentuate the body- Which is where The Girlfriend Collective comes in. Girlfriend Collective is a body-positive brand that’s helping women tap into self-love and TLC this month and all of the rest. The Girlfriend collective is not only helping you to look and feel your best, but is also helping to change the planet through eco-friendly products and philosophies.




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Thinx is here to save the day from our periods, yes, literally. It can be hard to go through the day having to constantly change and adjust our period products, however, Thinx is making that time of the month that much easier by providing menstrual equality to all through shapewear and period absorbing undies.




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TomboyX is an LGBTQ plus brand that’s geared towards helping the queer community and allies feel embodied and empowered to live their best lives. By celebrating the body and its many forms, TomboyX has a wide range of swimwear, bras, underwear, and apparel to shop from.




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Liberté is breaking molds to help fit you and your body type. Made by women for women, this body-positive brand is one you need within your rotation of lingerie and shapewear this month and all of the rest.