Crystals can be a way to bridge the gap between the physical world and higher consciousness forms of being. Learn how these essential crystals for the crown chakra work their magic.

What are chakras?

The chakra system is comprised of seven main energy centers in the body. The origin of the chakra system is found in the writings of the Vedas, an ancient Indian text. Notably the word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word which translates to wheel. When the energy flows easily through the chakras, or the wheels, there is harmony and unblocked, free-flowing energy.

What to know about the crown chakra

The crown chakra is the higher chakra and the final energetic center. The crown chakra in Sanskrit is named ‘Sahastrara’ and is the seventh principal chakra in the body. The word ‘Sahastrara’ translates to ‘thousand’ which resonates with the thousand petals of a lotus flower and the limitlessness of self-knowing. Since it is located at the crown of the head, it is the center of spirituality, enlightenment, and universal energy. The color associated with this chakra is purple and is related to being the link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

When this seventh energy center is balanced, it allows for mental clarity, connectivity with the world and others, and spiritual understanding. When unbalanced, this chakra looks like isolation from others, loneliness, unfocused attention and a lack of responsibility/victim mentality. Meditating on crown chakra healing and finding the best crystals will support in unblocking the crown chakra.

Give your collection a boost with these 6 crystals for the crown chakra

Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz is thought of as the master healer and is a great crystal to have in your collection for realignment. Majestic Clear Quartz is a crystal that benefits all chakras but is especially useful for balancing the crown chakra. It is a great cleanser and is most powerful when charging other crystals to facilitate a deep recharge. Think of it as the crystal to help promote flow and remove blockages. Expect mental clarity from the purest crystal known for bringing in light. Negative emotions dissolve with a clear quartz in hand since it clears the way for higher, lighter emotions to enter through the crown.


Selenite is one of the sweetest crystals for the crown chakra about. Known to be an aid in truth, integrity, and healing, this is a crystal that re-centers the mind. Selenite is also a powerful crystal for cleansing the aura and removing negativity. Attracting deep sleep and dreams is another way this crystal heals the headspace on several levels. Another huge plus for using Selenite for crown chakra balancing, is its focus on inner harmony. Getting real with yourself and examining where the blockages exist is a way to access a higher vibrational life.


Howlite is a stone that is a bridge between the heart chakra and the crown chakra. This highly emotional stone is mostly used for intense calm and absorbing stressful energy. Having mental space enough to be able to think for yourself truly comes down to not being easily swayed by external forces. Howlite is the stone that counters hot-headedness and compassionless communication. As a stone that connects the chakras in trust and infinite understanding, it is great for the final chakra’s need for peaceful, purposeful living.


It’s no secret that Sugilite is one of the most versatile crystals for the crown chakra. Those seeking spiritual growth will find great strength in Sugilite known as the Healer’s gem. There are great levels of awakening associated with the crown chakra and Sugilite is one of the best crystals to easefully promote this. As the Purple Ray of intuitive spiritual growth, this is a great stone to deepen your understanding of your life’s path. With Sugilite’s tendency to promote forgiveness, this is also the stone to improve and increase loving connections with all.


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Fluorite is the crystal that’s heavy on neutralizing negative and harsh energies. Keep a Fluorite stone near if your goal is to regularly detox body and mind from damaging thoughts and habits. As a known supportive stone for self-assured thinking, Fluorite will allow you to lead with confidence in your inner wisdom. It is a beautifully stabilizing and grounding stone that teaches the balance between thinking and feeling. Fluorite’s signature energy is similar to the energy after a new moon: expect refreshed, freedom-seeking energies to wash over you after cleansing with this crystal for the crown chakra.


If there is a crystal to ease anxiety, it’s Amethyst. As part of the quartz family, amethysts are great companions for inviting calm and eradicating toxic negativity. As the stone of spirituality, peace and contentment, it is also a great connector for the third eye and throat chakra. This means that the meditative energy of amethyst is perfect for inner reflection and rising into higher versions of who you envision yourself being. Ready yourself for deeper meditation and an enhanced view of the possibility of living from a healed, regulated nervous system. With this mindset, amethyst makes way for a crown chakra that is free-flowing and open to receiving new information.

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