One major physical concern that most individuals have is their waist size especially women or feminine presenting individuals. A snatched waist gives the illusion of a larger derrière, rounder hips and fuller thighs. It’s the one area of the body that determines if you are seen as overweight or what many refer to as thick. There are tons of exercises you can do to snatch your waist, but the latter are six fan favorites of mine. Do know that exercise can't outwork a poor diet? If you truly want the benefit of these exercises, create a sustainable diet that eradicates excess sugars and processed foods.

What You Will Need For The Exercises

One mat or large towel

A 15lb to 25 lb weight

A Great Attitude


Russian Twists

Sitting on the mat or towel on the floor, lift legs at knees placing body into a V shape. With the weight being supported by the hands, bring the weight closer to the body. Twist from left to right or right to left allowing your core to be activated and sustain the movement. Do 30 reps and at least three sets.

Heel Touchers

Laying with your back on the mat or towel on the floor, bend your legs at the knees. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Without raising your upper body, grab at your ankle by scrunching the respective sides of your body. You will need to do at least 30 on each side and three to four sets will suffice.

Windshield Wipers 

Laying with your back on the Matt or towel on the floor, bend legs at the knees, lifting knees halfway to your chest. Keeping your back straight, allow your knees with controlled movement to fall to your left or right side. Keep me in mind your knees should never touch the ground. 


With your mat or towel on the floor, turn onto your stomach. Place your forearms on the mat and slowly elevate you body into a push-up position. Your feet should be together and legs straight. From your head along your back and to your feet should be a straight angular line. Engaging your core, hold this position for two to four minute intervals. If these planks are too easy, add weights to engage the core muscles deeper.

Six Inches

With a mat or towel, lay on your back, place your hands on your sides with your palms down. Keep your legs straight. Without any help lift your lower body six inches off the ground. Hold this position for two minutes. To elevate this exercise, while feet are lifted, open and close legs golfing in each position for 30 seconds or longer. Repeat a minimum of 10 to 15 times.

Weighted Side Bends

With a mat or towel placed on the floor, turn on your side, using your forearm and elbow to support you. Keeping your legs straight, bend at the waist allowing your hip to get close to the ground. Return to the side plank position. Holding the weight close to your abdomen with your free arm, perform the exercise. Twelve reps on each side makes one set and you should perform three sets of this exercise.