A hooded scarf is the winter accessory that makes getting ready so much easier. When it’s time to face the cold, you usually have to grab a hat, scarf, boots, and gloves. But a hooded scarf takes care of two of those pieces. A hooded scarf is a scarf with ample fabric to also cover your head and ears. The sleek design also prevents harsh winds from ruining your hairstyle

What’s the Difference Between a Hooded Scarf and a Balaclava?

While hooded scarves and balaclavas serve similar purposes, they are different in structure. As previously mentioned, a hooded scarf drapes around the neck while also covering the head and ears. Hooded scarves drape over the head in a way that won’t rub your makeup off. A balaclava is more focused on covering just the face. Most balaclavas feature a mock neck-style tube at the bottom that evolves into a head covering that covers the sides and top of the face – like a tighter fitting hood. In terms of design, it’s more closely related to a ski mask.

Best Acrylic

Elufly Hooded Scarf Crochet Knit Wrap

Elufly’s Hooded Scarf Crochet Knit Wrap contains supple acrylic fibers that won’t scratch your skin. When folded lengthwise, this hooded scarf is just over 48 inches long from hood to end. That’s enough fabric to drape the hood over your head and wrap your neck in the ribbed knit fabric. Shop the eight color choices available on Amazon. 

Best Cashmere

NAADAM Luxe Cashmere Ribbed Hooded Scarf

 NAADAM’s Luxe Cashmere Ribbed Hooded Scarf is an oversized winter staple. This oversized scarf is naturally breathable and made of 100 percent Mongolian cashmere. The cashmere keeps you warm in the chilly months while letting out enough heat to prevent you from overheating. Plus, its extra long ends can wrap around your neck and drape over your torso to keep your chest warm, too. Shop this black or a warm brown. 

Best Cotton

Zara Hood Scarf

Photo Courtesy of Zara

Zara’s Hood Scarf is a 100 percent cotton piece that resembles the top half of your favorite hoodie. Since it’s an all-cotton hoodie, there’s nothing to catch onto your hairstyle so that you don’t take your hood off and reveal a frazzled hair do. The structured hood features drawstrings you can tighten around your head on colder, windy days. Then, the sides of the hoodie extend into the scarf that is thick enough to provide warmth around your neck without adding a ton of bulk.  

Best Faux Fur

Fashion 21 Soft Faux Fur Infinity Hood Scarf

Fashion 21’s Soft Faux Fur Infinity Hood Scarf is a plush accessory to cradle yourself in before stepping outside. This infinity scarf features a built-in hood to slide over any style you want to save from gusts of cold wind. Drape the hood over your head to put it on, and then twist and wrap the remainder of the hooded scarf around your neck for a cozy fit. Browse through the seven color choices, including leopard print. 

Best Fleece Scarf

Free People All For You Hooded Scarf

Photo Courtesy of Free People

Free People’s All For You Hooded Scarf is a wide fleece piece that adjusts to fit your hair that day. Also, you can accommodate thincker hair without being left in the cold when unfolded. That said, when your hair isn’t as voluminous, you can fold the hooded scarf to fit closer to your face without adding extra bulk or messy fabric folds. Shop one of four colors – including this bright “Space Cherry” red.

Best Padded Scarf

COS Padded Shell Hood

Photo Courtesy of COS

COS’ Padded Shell Hood is a hooded scarf that mimics your favorite puffer jacket. This polyester-filled padded piece features a prominent hood that covers your whole head. Then, the sides of the hood extend into the scarf portion that you can style three ways. One way is to tie it around your next. But you can also wrap it like a regular scarf. Or, you can make use of the included strap so that you can slide one end of the scarf into the back of the other end for the least amount of bulk under your coat.

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