Honesty and openness have become the new expectations when speaking about sex. Stepping fully into sex-positive spaces can change your approach to sex entirely. Affirming sex-positive brands allow people to feel seen and represented no matter their sexual fantasies. They also allow the release of the shame and close-mindedness that once surrounded conversations about sex. A sex-positive culture makes it easy to normalize formerly taboo or dismissed conversations and breaks down barriers.

There is nothing like a sex-positive brand to keep you in the loop about what a healthy and pleasurable way of discussing sex looks like. Think of it as a way to infuse positivity into discussions about sexuality, sexual expression, kinks, non-traditional relationships and more.

How exactly do you allow your sex-positive mentality to spill into your everyday life? Read on to review 21Ninety’s top selection of brands that make it look easy.


Nakey challenges standards around beauty and sex. A huge part of sex positivity is connected to paying special attention to the body and its sensitivities. The Muff Masques were designed with two points in mind. The first is soothing and alleviating post-physical activity vaginal needs. The second is starting a conversation about sexual freedom.

The Muff Masques help indulge in the joys of sex with confidence. Whether you use the soother after getting a wax before an intimate session or simply want a new self-care Sunday masque, you’ve arrived in the right spot.

Woo More Play

The Woo More Play after wipes should probably earn a spot in your sexual aftercare routine. Taking the taboo out of sex, Woo More Play makes safe, healthy and shamelessly great sex seem as normal and achievable as it should be.

The ‘Freshies’ include 10 PH balancing wipes to help soothe inflammation, bumps or irritation triggered by physical activity. This is vulva care at it’s finest and a perfect way to make sexual self-care as seamless as possible. The wipes are organic and natural to cater to sensitive areas.

Jasmine Mans Mug

A poem on a mug. This Jasmine Mans mug is the ultimate morning reminder to wake you up with the spirit of pleasure. Women’s oral sex desires have not always been as honored as men’s. With this mug, that no longer needs to be a question. This is a top buy. If you’re looking for an item to empower yourself or the women in your life. This brand motivates people to advocate for the kind of sex they deserve and it is Black woman-owned.

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Unbound Babes

Photo Courtesy of Unbound Babes

Consider this side of the sex-positive list to be a soft and fashionable approach to BDSM-style sex and jewelry. If you’re into handcuffs as a pleasurable feature in your sex life, then Unbound Babes’ Cuff bangle jewelry might be the next addition to your collection. Make a statement and wear the cuffs on one arm as an accessory by day and adopted into your light play come night time.

Bijoux Indiscrets

Photo Courtesy of Bijoux Indiscret

The Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex gift box is for all your sexual feels. It comes complete with an oral sex balm, nipple play gel and a clitoral balm. This sex-positive brand goes the extra mile to reestablish foreplay as the main event. With a focus on good, slow sex, Bijoux Indiscrets invites fresh thoughts about the fullness of foreplay-centered sexual activity.

Foria Wellness

$40.00 ($40.00 / Fl Oz)

A bestselling natural oil that hits all the right spots. The Foria Awaken Arousal oil is for vulva owners engaging in solo sex or sex with a partner. Apply the topical oil to the clitoris, inner labia and inside the vagina for a heightened orgasmic experience. Foria Wellness created this oil with femme pleasure at the forefront. The company infuses the oil with with CBD and organic botanicals to help you take your orgasms to the next level.

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